Cosmetics Dentistry

At 'The Dentist', we firmly believe in saving your natural teeth. Without compromising on the functionality aspect of a tooth or its aesthetics, various procedures that we provide at our clinic ranges from basic to advanced dental treatments. Keeping hygiene and proper sterilization in mind, every procedure conducted at our clinic is done with the critical emphasis on small details, thus ensuring that every patient of ours gets the best of dental treatments, of International standards. But, most importantly, at 'The Dentist', one thing that we take utmost care of, is in treating our patients ethically. Some of the dental procedures that we undertake regularly are:

cosmetic dentistry

We do everything from cleaning of teeth to crowning a cap in order to give the best shape to the teeth to make them look attractive.

  • Scaling and Cleaning: The simplest of dental procedures is to remove bacteria and tarter from teeth and gums. Cleaning whitens the teeth to some extent while rest of the task to make them look absolutely pearly white is done with the help of exclusive teeth whitening techniques.
  • Teeth Whitening: Whitening removes the yellowish colour from the teeth. It is also known as dental bleaching. It restores the tooth colour to its natural white. Carbamide peroxide is the product which is used to bleach the teeth. A good smile boosts the confidence.
  • Bridging gaps between teeth: Space between teeth is an open invitation to various bacterial infections. Gaps between the teeth destroy the beauty of mouth as well and prove to be problematic in speech. Bridging the gap is between teeth and gums are a part of full mouth reconstruction. The false tooth is inserted to close the gap. Defects of bone structure and muscles get removed by simple reconstruction procedures.
  • Bonding: Decayed, uneven and broken teeth are restored with the help of bonding technique. We use latest techniques including laser lightning to get the teeth into the required shape. The silver filling is used to fill the front and back teeth which are then hardened with the help of certain tools. In most of the cases, this filling lasts up to several years.
  • Crowning or Caping: An artificial cap is used to cover the broken tooth. Crowning is quite common in root canal treatments.

We also offer a wide range of regular dental procedures at our clinic.