Crowns & Bridges

At ‘The Dentist‘, we firmly believe in saving your natural teeth. Without compromising on the functionality aspect of a tooth or its aesthetics, various procedures that we provide at our clinic ranges from basic to advanced dental treatments. Keeping hygiene and proper sterilization in mind, every procedure conducted at our clinic is done with the critical emphasis on small details, thus ensuring that every patient of ours gets the best of dental treatments, of International standards. But, most importantly, at ‘The Dentist’, one thing that we take utmost care of, is in treating our patients ethically. Some of the dental procedures that we undertake regularly are:

crowns and bridges

Crowns and dental bridges help repair damaged teeth and replace missing ones. These are mostly made of tooth-coloured porcelain and look like your natural teeth. Now you won’t have to hide that beautiful smile. Let us help you with high-quality crowns and bridges to

  • Replace your missing teeth or to cover a dental implant
  • Fill in gaps and spaces between your teeth
  • Repair the cracks and chips
  • Cover discoloured or poorly built tooth
  • Cover the tooth treated with RCT to keep it protected

Extractions & Surgical Extractions

At the Dentist, we always stress and focus on retaining your natural teeth. However, dental extraction becomes imperative in case of severe teeth and gum infections. At The Dentist, we offer specialized teeth extraction solution so you could disease free.

  • Simple extraction– To extract visibly accessible teeth under local anesthetic using handheld tools ensuring minimum discomfort
  • Surgical extraction – To extract teeth that are not easily accessible using surgical instruments again ensuring minimum discomfort
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth – To extract wisdom teeth which is a more sophisticated procedure than the above two.