Why root canal treatment in India is the best option?

If you are searching online for a root canal treatment in India, then what you would want is a quality treatment at an affordable cost.

Root Canal Treatment is one of the most commonly done procedures, and also the most important and effective way to save a decayed tooth.

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The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove the decay and save the natural tooth before it gets so damaged that it becomes difficult to save it.

First, let us understand why would you require a root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment may be required for multiple reasons.

  • If you have a painful tooth because of some underlying infection
  • If your tooth has unbearable sensations to hot and cold
  • A feeling of tenderness or pain while chewing your food
  • If there is a swelling associated with a certain tooth
  • In case of trauma or if the tooth gets cracked

If you are staying in a western country and you require root canal treatment, then you are aware that the treatment in your country is extremely expensive.

The insurance also does not pay for your treatment and this leaves you in a rather difficult situation.

Hence, in case if you searching for root canal treatment in India, here are your options.

  1. Get the root canal treatment done in any western country and pay about 1000$ – 3000$.
  2. Get the root canal treatment in India for much lesser cost and visit one of the seven wonders of the world.

Root Canal Treatment in India is the best option for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, the treatment done here is of very high quality and world-class. You can get personalized care by very efficient and experienced doctors.

Secondly, the most important reason is; the treatment done here is at a very affordable cost in comparison to the western countries. It is approximately just 15-20% of the cost with the same quality.

Thirdly, you can save money and travel to the most exotic locations in India and have a great vacation.

5 compelling reasons why you should visit “The Dentist” when you are searching online for Root Canal Treatment in India.

1) Single Visit Root Canal Treatments

Most of the patients who visited The Dentist for a Root Canal Treatment had to visit the clinic just once.

In most cases, a Single Visit Root Canal Treatment is possible. Unless if the treatment is a complex one, which may require more than 1 sitting.

While the practice of doing root canal treatment in multiple sittings is still prevalent; but with the use of advanced technology and techniques, the Root Canal Treatment is completed in a single sitting.

2) Almost painless Root Canal Treatments

More than 90% of patients treated at The Dentist did not experience any pain while undergoing the root canal treatment. Or in some cases, they just had minimal non-troubling tooth pain.

At The Dentists, we use the most advanced techniques & instruments for Root Canal Treatments, which in turn ensures a painless treatment.

3) Treatment Assurance

The procedures followed for root canal treatment at The Dentist assures a permanent fix of the pain, without the loss of the tooth.

Usually, if the patient follows good oral hygiene, you will not face any difficulty or pain post-treatment.

And if by any chance, you still experience pain or discomfort in the treated tooth, the Doctors here address your concern immediately, at no extra cost.

The Doctors at The Dentist assure you of the treatment done.

4) Root Canal Treatment with an accuracy of 97.5%

At The Dentist, Doctors use the world’s best technologies for Root Canal Treatments.

The instruments used here are perfect by design and technology that goes behind it.

These instruments are designed to deliver accurate measurements, even in extreme cases of the presence of blood or discharges experienced during the treatment.

The devices used at The Dentist have patented technologies that deliver an accuracy rate of 97.5%

In turn, you undergo an accurate Root Canal Treatment.

This accuracy further ensures that there would be no trouble in the future.

5) The Worlds best Instruments and Materials Used

For the patients to get a high-quality treatment, The Dentist uses advanced technologies and techniques:

  • Usage of High-Resolution Loupes, which aids in seeing better, hence we treat better.
  • The best of Nickel-Titanium files are used, which helps in shaping the canals. 
  • To ensure that we reach to the exact length of the root end of the tooth The Dentist uses the worlds best Apex-locator.
  • The cleaning procedure or the irrigation protocol is one of the most important steps in root canal treatments. The use of ultrasonics helps us in cleaning the canal and offers the possibility of 3-dimensional cleaning and a better irrigation protocol. 
  • For filling of the tooth canals, a 3-D Obturation/Filling technique is used which ensures a proper hermetic seal to prevent bacteria from re-entering and causing a new infection.

With the best of the technologies, Endodontic treatment has a high success rate and many root canals treated teeth last a lifetime.

So far, at The Dentist, we have completed thousands of Root Canal Treatment cases successfully and about 90% of them have been a Single Visit, Pain-free Root Canal Treatments.