Myths & Facts

Do you take care of your teeth? Most of us do not brush twice daily, a basic Dental requirement. When it comes to visiting dentists, most of us shy away till it’s late. If you’re hesitating to go to the dentist, have a look at these common myths. You might just know when it’s time to knock the door of your neighbourhood dentist.

Myth 1 – There is no harm if you lose a tooth in the back of your mouth. There are no implications and no problem of appearance as nobody can see the missing tooth anyway.

Fact – Unfortunately, it isn’t so. The trend to take care of your teeth that’s visible to the outside world sets a dangerous precedent, more so because your tooth acts as a whole and doesn’t differentiate like you do. Missing back tooth can lead to different problems, including incorrect spacing, gum problems, and effect tooth decay rate of teeth nearby. You need a bridge or implant in the place of the missing tooth and can even lead the enamel to wear out faster. This means that the remaining teeth becomes weaker and can be more prone to falling off, or chip and break.

Myth 2 – Your dental problems are hereditary

Fact – Most of us think that we would be blessed with teeth like our parents. The truth is most dental problems are not hereditary but the result of bad habits. You need to ensure that you focus on your dental hygiene first.

Myth 3 – If your gums bleed, its normal

Fact – Gum bleeding can happen because of many reasons and are never normal. Gum bleeding means that something is not as it should be. Normally, it can happen if you brushed too hard or even if there has been an inflammation of the gums. If you feel sore and if plaque is deposited at the gum line, it can cause gum bleeding too. Tartar, which the plaque turns into near the gum line if you do not take proper care of your teeth, can also lead to gum bleeding. Sometimes, gum bleeding can also happen because of other reasons, which include a blood disorder or another medical condition. You need to consult your dentist to know the cause of gum bleeding.
If you brush your teeth daily, it will help you have healthy teeth and gums.

Myth 4- Diabetes and dental health are totally different

Fact – True, diabetes is a separate disease in itself. However, the fact is that diabetes means that you have increased sugar and the bacteria in your mouth can love sugar just as much as you do. The presence of glucose is a heaven for bacteria and can lead to a disease called gingivitis that can even lead to you losing teeth. This can also mean that controlling your blood sugar levels just becomes a lot tougher and researches have found that the arrival of diabetes often coincides with the start of a gum disease.

Myth 5 – You know when you have a bad breath

Fact – Sadly, it’s too difficult to tell. You cannot understand if you’re suffering from bad breadth easily and your dental product might just cover the smell with another one. For instance, fruity scents can cover up your bad breadth but it isn’t the solution. You need to have proper dental hygiene to combat bad breadth.

Myth 6 – You don’t want to undergo a root canal treatment because it’s painful

Fact – The fact is that the procedure of root canal is less painful than the pain you feel in your tooth when you need to have a root canal done. More, modern visits mean that the entire process can be done in as less as two visits to the doctor and can make the process less painful. The more badly the tooth’s been inflamed the more would it cause you pain.

Myth 7 – You shouldn’t chew gum

Fact – On the contrary, chewing gums can be good for your dental health. This is because chewing gums helps to keep the acidity in the mouth in check and helps remove any food that’s left in the mouth. If you cannot brush on time for any reason, chewing gums can help. However, limit the amount of time you chew gums and this can put unnecessary stress on your teeth joints.

Myth 8 – Your teeth is strong enough to support you throughout your life

Fact – Unfortunately, it isn’t so. Many dental problems become visible right at the end when it’s too late to do anything. It’s important to visit your dentist periodically to ensure that you do not suffer from teeth loss or other dental diseases.

Myth 9 – My dental needs are secondary and I can stop focusing on it to save more money

Fact – Most of us have it hard these days managing finances. However, neglecting your dental health to save money in the shorter run will eventually lead you to spend more in the longer run. A small cavity can be cleaned easily and is inexpensive. However, a bigger one may need expensive restoration or even root canal therapy, which is a lot more expensive.

Myth 10 – You don’t need to worry about improper bites

Fact – The truth is, improper bites can affect your body on the whole. It can lead to loss of enamel because of unnecessary grinding and even make teeth more sensitive. Improper bites often happen due to improper tooth structure, which can be aggravated if not taken care of. It can also lead to jaw pains, which can cause indirect problems like headaches and neck problems.

Myth 11- You don’t need to mention any vitamin supplements you take or the homoeopathic remedies you’ve tried out

Fact – These remedies have potential risks as well and you need to inform your dentist about them. Listing the alternative medicines you have taken will ensure that you’re treated in a safe and secure way.

Myth 12- Smoking doesn’t affect your health

Fact – If you love to smoke, you probably wouldn’t want to believe this but smoking can directly affect the stability of your teeth. It can lead to gum diseases, cavities and tooth loss. Smokers also have it difficult with implants and generally are the cause for periodontal diseases.

Myth 13 – You can have oral piercings whenever you need one

Fact – Oral piercings can look sexy but you need to look at the other aspect of it – infections. Piercings often result in swellings and infections and increased saliva flow in your mouth. Piercings can also interfere with the normal eating and chewing process and impact the nerve sensitivity as well. There is also the chance of developing other serious infections. If you’re looking to have an oral piercing done, it’s important to consult your neighbourhood dentist.

Myth 14- Only smokers have the problem of oral cancer

Fact – While it’s true that tobacco is the most known cause of oral cancer, you can get oral cancer even if you aren’t a smoker. This can happen if you’re addicted to alcohol or have to spend increased hours of the day in the sunlight. Your gender, ethnicity and race are other factors too that determines the probability of you having oral cancer.

Myth 15 – You’re fine with your wisdom teeth

Fact – True, wisdom teeth shouldn’t be removed unnecessarily. However, you need to get them checked and removed if needed. Your dentist can check and suggest if the wisdom teeth are partially erupted or growing in a way that can damage other teeth, in which case you need to get them removed.

Myth 16 – You can have as many diet sodas as you like

Fact –While we all love diet sodas, and it’s true that they do not contain sugar, remember that they still have acids in them. Acids can be a primary cause of tooth decay and can dissolve the hard enamel of your teeth.

Myth 17 – You don’t need any braces or Invisalign

Fact – Dentists normally suggest braces at a younger age. However, if your teeth are seriously misaligned or there are other problems like bad bites that deserve attention, your dentist might advise you to wear braces or Invisalign even at an older age.

Myth 18 – Your children can brush their teeth themselves

Fact – It’s a great idea to help your tiny tots be more self-reliant. However, you need to understand that children don’t develop the coordination needed for proper brushing easily. It’s advisable to supervise the brushing of your children until they are around 10 years – this ensures that they have a dental health they will be proud of later in their lives.

Myth 19 – You shouldn’t go in for tooth bleaching

Fact – Studies indicate that tooth bleaching and whitening is absolutely safe and can help you achieve an even better smile. You can improve your dental aesthetics easily and with the right dosage and duration of this treatment, can help you achieve better-looking teeth. To ensure that you do not overuse this method as it can lead to problems like the enamel breaking down and the teeth become more porous and can severely damage your teeth.

Myth 20 – Braces only can help your teeth look straighter

Fact – While braces are a way out when it comes to improving the alignment of your teeth, there are other methods as well that include Porcelain Veneers, Bonding and Enamel Shaping. Enamel shaping, for instance, can modify the shape of the tooth while Porcelain Veneers are your choice if a tooth’s been badly decayed.