About The Dentist

The Dentist is a well-established Advanced Dental Clinic in South Delhi. The Doctors associated with The Dentist have been practicing dentistry for the past 18-20 years. Most of them are engaged or have been engaged in the past, with recognized Hospitals in Delhi NCR. They specialize in Root Canal Treatments, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Crowns & Bridges, Dentures and other routine dental treatments.

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Nothing can simulate the functions like your natural teeth.

A reason why we, at The Dentist, believe in saving your natural teeth in every possible way.

In our day-to-day life, often, we eat, drink or do things that in one or the other way affects our teeth:

  • Drinking Coffee or Smoking
  • Grinding teeth while working, sleeping or when angry
  • Bleeding Gums while brushing
  • Feeling Sensitivity in teeth
  • Eating Chocolates & Candies, especially in the case of kids
  • Brushing your teeth, too hard or too soft

These involuntary actions affect your teeth in multiple different ways:

  • They stain your teeth
  • At times, your teeth get eroded
  • Some of the actions lead to poor oral hygiene
  • Unexpected Cavities & Caries
  • Weakening of tooth

Overall, in the beginning, almost every problem seems like a common one or not so important enough to consult a dentist.

However, gradually, they all lead to either of the 3 situations:

  1. Loss of tooth
  2. Expensive Dental treatment
  3. Artificial protection of tooth

Teeth are an integral part of one’s body & personality, and hence, we always encourage our patients to be as attentive about their teeth as they are about anything else that has to do with their health.

A little extra care & protection always ensure a true life of your teeth.

We, at The Dentist, firmly believe in protecting & saving our natural teeth. And that’s what we specialize in.


Doctors associated with The Dentist

Dr. Srishti has been practicing Dentistry for the past 16+ years. She's an expert in Root Canal Treatments. She has conducted 2000+ Root Canal Treatment cases so far. About 90% of them have been a Single Visit, Pain-free Root Canal Treatments. For every Root Canal Treatment, she uses world’s best technologies & instruments. Her years of experience & expertise in Endodontics treatment has led her to an accuracy level of more than 97.5% in every Root Canal Treatment she conducts.

Some of the other Dental Treatment cases she specializes in are: Prosthodontics, Crowns & Bridges (Procera), Post & Cores and other routine dental cases.

She has served patients in well-recognized hospitals of Delhi NCR (Fortis Le Femme) & other privately owned clinics.

She wishes to serve patients ethically.

Dr. Sachin is a Master of Dental Surgery.

He has pioneered the technique of single visit Root Canal Treatment. He is a consultant to many Dental Clinics where he inculcated his concept of single visit root canal therapy.

He has extraordinary expertise in saving the natural teeth, by various modalities like restoration, build-ups, onlays, inlays, post and core. He even has a very successful track record of rehabilitating the tooth which is left with just a root portion.

He has done various courses in smile designing, in which by veneers, laminates and build-ups. He designs the smiles to make the patients look better and beautiful.

Dr. Sachin also masters the techniques of rehabilitation by various means like fixed teeth, removable teeth, implants etc. He is a professional teacher in a Dental College.

Dr. Mehta believes that every person has a right and deserves to save one's natural tooth. Conserving a natural tooth is just like saving a vital organ of one's body.

Dr. Anurag has been practicing Dentistry for the past 20+ years now. He's an MDS and a Fellow in International Congress of Oral Implantology. He is a Visiting Consultant at Max Hospital, Saket and Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.

His area of specialization includes 1) Dental & Maxillofacial Implants, 2) Sinus Grafts for Dental Implants, 3) Sinus Lifts for Dental Implants, 4) Advanced Implantology Procedures, 5) Zygomatic Implants for Maxillo-Facial Reconstruction, 6) Surgical Management of Maxillofacial Trauma, 7) Jaw Ablative and Reconstructive Surgery, 8) Temporomandibular Joint Surgery, 9) Orthognathic Surgery Procedures for Combined Orthodontic/Orthognathic approach and 10) Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Procedures of Cancer Patients.

He has also been Guest Speakers in many different conferences related to his field of expertise