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THE DENTIST is an Advanced Dental Clinic in Defence Colony, South Delhi. The Doctors associated with The Dentist have been practising dentistry for 20+ years. They have been engaged with recognized Hospitals in Delhi NCR. They specialize in Root Canal Treatments, Crowns & Bridges, Dental Implants, Invisible Aligners, Teeth Whitening, Dentures and other essential Dental Treatments. The treatments at The Dentist are led by Dr Srishti Jauhar, an expert in Root Canal Treatments (3000+ RCTs done so far); Dr Anurag Singh, an expert in Dental Implants (3000+ Dental Implants done so far) & Dr Karan Bhalla an expert in Dental Aligners & Braces (600+ Invisible Aligners executed so far).

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Before you know the cost of Invisible Aligners, it is essential to understand why you need them at all:

Dentists recommend teeth alignment (orthodontic treatment, in medical terms) under various circumstances to improve oral health, functionality, and aesthetics.

Here are some common scenarios where teeth alignment is recommended:

1. Malocclusions (Improper bites)

Malocclusions refer to improper bites, such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites.

These misalignments can lead to difficulties in chewing, speech problems, and an increased risk of dental issues.

Orthodontic treatment can correct these bite problems and improve oral function.

2. Crowded teeth

The case of crowded teeth occurs when there isn’t enough space in the jaw for all the teeth to fit appropriately.

such crowded teeth can lead to overlapping, rotated, or twisted teeth, challenging oral hygiene maintenance and increasing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

3. Spacing issues

Gaps or spaces between teeth, known as diastemas, can lead to aesthetic concerns.

They create pockets where food particles accumulate, potentially leading to gum problems.

4. Aesthetic concerns

Many individuals seek teeth alignment for cosmetic reasons.

A straighter smile can boost self-confidence and improve overall facial aesthetics.

5. Jaw misalignments

Orthodontic treatment can help address jaw discrepancies

Such as uneven growth may cause discomfort, difficulty chewing, and speech issues.

6. Impacted teeth

When a tooth fails to come out from the gum properly (impacted), it can cause pain, get infected, and damage the adjacent teeth.

Orthodontic treatment may guide the impacted tooth into its proper position.

7. Functional issues

Orthodontic treatment can improve the overall function of the teeth and jaws.

It can help alleviate problems such as teeth grinding (bruxism) or excessive wear on certain teeth.

8. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

Misaligned teeth and jaws can contribute to TMJ disorders, leading to jaw pain, headaches, and other discomforts.

Orthodontic treatment may help alleviate these symptoms by improving the bite and jaw alignment.

9. Preparation for restorative work

Sometimes, teeth alignment may be recommended before certain restorative dental procedures, such as crowns, bridges, or dental implants.

Properly aligned teeth provide a better foundation for successful restorations.

10. Childhood Orthodontics

Dentists often monitor children’s dental development and may recommend early orthodontic intervention.

Such recommendations are made primarily to guide the growth of the jaw and teeth, potentially reducing the need for more extensive treatment in the future.

11. Teen Orthodontics

Adolescence is a common time for orthodontic treatment.

The permanent teeth come out by this time, and any existing alignment issues can be addressed before they become more complicated.

12. Adult Orthodontics

Teeth can shift over time due to various factors, including ageing and tooth loss.

Adults may seek orthodontic treatment to correct relapsed alignment issues or address new concerns.

Invisible Aligners can transform your smile drastically.

Furthermore, you must know the 7 downsides of living with Crooked Teeth:

1. Prone to Gum diseases

Crooked teeth tend to have gum diseases more often than well-aligned teeth because it is more difficult to clean between them.

Also, when you have crooked teeth, more bacteria build-up, which causes plaque to develop.

2. It isn’t easy to keep your teeth clean

With crooked teeth, brushing and flossing are very difficult. It is always challenging to clean in between tight spaces.

Thus, you may always have a tough time keeping your oral hygiene in check.

3. Bad Breath is a common problem

Since you cannot clean crooked teeth properly, they can harbour bacteria.

This build-up of bacteria leads to bad breath, making it difficult to clean your teeth properly.

4. Crooked teeth wear out faster

The upper and lower teeth grind against each other with crooked teeth.

This grinding causes the wearing of protective enamel over time—this gradual wearing of enamel results in other problems like cavities and tooth decay.

5. Difficulty in Chewing

The presence of crooked teeth can also be due to improper jaw positioning.

The upper or lower teeth may protrude in such cases, making chewing very difficult.

6. Risk of Broken Teeth

Sometimes, rubbing crooked teeth against each other results in chipping or fracturing teeth.

7. Temporomandibular Joint issues (TMJ)

With unaligned and crooked teeth, one may suffer from TMJ issues.

TMJ undergoes a lot of wear and tear in such cases. This also leads to severe pain in the face and neck.

Also, the facial and jaw muscles undergo constant stress, which causes frequent headaches.

Apart from all the above factors, one cannot ignore that crooked teeth seem to have a lot of psychological issues.

The way your teeth look impacts the way you smile.

How your teeth are placed impacts how you eat and what you eat.

Why should you prefer Invisible Aligners over traditional braces?

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? Great decision.

Since you have decided to straighten your teeth, choosing between traditional or invisible braces may be difficult.

Understanding the pros and cons of either treatment is essential before making an informed decision.

Therefore, the type of orthodontic treatment also depends on the problem you must correct.

The most important part of your smile transformation is your orthodontist. An experienced orthodontist will carefully supervise your treatment for the best results.

Subsequently, your orthodontist can also help you decide which treatment would be more suitable for you according to your needs.

Traditional Braces are mostly made of metal or ceramic brackets attached to the teeth’ outside surface.

Metal wires and rubber bands are attached to these brackets and are used to move the teeth into the correct position.

Invisible braces use transparent and clear aligners to move the teeth into the correct position. These aligners are made of a medical-grade thermoplastic material.

These aligners are made using advanced technology with an advanced 3D printing process.

These are a series of aligners that must be worn for at least 20-22 hours each day.

The cost of Invisible Aligners, the good ones, ranges anywhere between INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,50,000, depending on the complexity of the case, the time required and the aligner you prefer to go ahead with.

There are multiple economical versions available. Many also claim to get you through the Invisible Aligners treatment at home.

However, you must note that if yours is a high-involvement case (a complex case), it is always better to visit your Dentist and opt for the best option available rather than get the same treatment done at home at an economical cost.

There are some great advantages of Invisible Aligners

There are various advantages to invisible braces.

1) Invisible & Clear

Invisible braces are virtually invisible, made of clear, transparent plastic that fits closely to your teeth.

Furthermore, there are no metal brackets or wires to be seen as seen in traditional braces.

Hence, no one can even determine that your teeth are getting corrected.

These braces are so invisible that they are trendy amongst adults and youngsters with active social lives.

This helps you to talk and smile confidently without worrying that your braces are visible.

2) Comfortable & Less painful

Invisible braces are incredibly comfortable and much less painful than traditional braces.

Altogether, they do not irritate the gums or cheeks, as no brackets or wires can cause painful sores in the mouth.

Moreover, these sores and blisters are sometimes so painful that it annoys you.

Since the invisible braces are so smooth, comfortable and convenient, you have a better quality of life.

3) Removable & No Change in your lifestyle.

Invisible braces are removable, unlike traditional braces with wires and brackets fixed to the teeth.

They are effortless to put on and remove. Because of this, you can continue to eat and enjoy the food and activities you love.

Hence, if you love your pizzas or want to bite into your favourite burger, you have made the right choice of invisible braces.

These invisible braces do not get in the way of your lifestyle.

Also, you can live your life the way you always have.

Whether you have an important event or a job interview, or you are a working professional, these clear aligners are highly discreet.

Therefore, if you want straighter teeth but don’t want metal braces coming in the way of your daily life, then invisible braces are for you.

4) Hygienic & Better oral health

Invisible braces are much more hygienic than traditional braces.

You can easily remove them and brush your teeth as you used to.

Furthermore, there is a decreased tendency for the food particles to accumulate.

It does not interfere with your regular oral care routine and prevents food particles from infusing into the aligner.

5) Customised & Predictable

These aligners are customized for each patient according to their teeth.

They are designed to straighten your teeth more predictably.

This means that, even before the beginning of the treatment, you can see the outcome of how your teeth would look after the treatment.

In conclusion, this fantastic technology allows you to visualize and see the planned outcomes.

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13 Reasons why Patients trust The Dentist:

1) Ensure every bit to save your natural teeth

Nothing can simulate the functions of your natural teeth. Hence, the Doctors at The Dentist work toward saving your natural teeth in every possible way.

2) Conduct Root Canal Treatments with 97.5% accuracy

The world’s best instruments & technologies are used for Root Canal Treatments. This extra care ensures high precision & accuracy for every Root Canal Treatment. Doctors at The Dentist have accomplished 3000+ successful Root Canal Treatments thus far.

3) Expert Doctors in their field

All the Doctors at The Dentist carry more than 15-20 years of expertise in their respective fields.

Specialist in Root Canal Treatment – Dr Srishti Jauhar (3000+ successful RCTs).

Expert Implantologist – Dr Anurag Singh is an accomplished Implantologist and Master in Dental Implants (3000+ Dental Implants).

Invisible Aligners Expert – Dr Karan Bhalla (600+ Invisible Aligners)

4) Work passionately with every single patient

Doctors here work quite intensely in every case. And they prefer it that way. It only ensures a quality dental treatment in the end.

5) Use advanced Dental Instruments & Materials

An excellent dental treatment needs high-quality instruments & materials. To deliver the best treatment, the Doctors at The Dentist conduct every dental case with the best high-quality instruments & materials.

6) Follow 4-tier Sterilization of Dental Instruments

Like high-quality instruments, even the sterilization followed at The Dentist is of a high standard – A 4-tier Sterilization process which ensures exceptionally hygienic instruments for every single treatment.

7) Assure every Dental Treatment

Every doctor at The Dentist is very meticulous in every procedure. By following a stringent process for every dental treatment, every case comes with a seal of Treatment Assurance for the lifetime.

8) There’s no waiting time for patients

Every patient at The Dentist visits with a prior appointment. Doctors at The Dentist prefer treating One patient at a time. It helps the Patient and the Doctor respect each other’s time.

9) Educate patients during the treatment

To avoid costly treatments in the future, every Patient at The Dentist is educated about their oral hygiene status. This process usually helps the patient prevent a possible future treatment.

10) Association with the best labs in India

Like high-quality Dental Instruments, Doctors at The Dentist are equally particular about working with the best labs in India. Quality dental labs churn out high-quality work that the treatment requires. These associations further ensure quality treatment at The Dentist.

11) Conduct every Dental treatment ethically

We firmly believe in ethical dental treatment. Doctors at The Dentist treat every patient ethically. With 100% transparency, Doctors discuss every aspect of the dental treatment with the patient – cost, process, duration, etc. Our patients always appreciate this ethical approach.

12) Treat patients from around the globe

The Dentist is a well-established Advanced Dental Clinic. Hundreds of patients worldwide have undergone dental treatments at The Dentist. Some have come far from geographies like the US, Holland, Dubai, Iran, Africa, China & Japan.

13) Ensure regular follow-ups with Patients

Every patient’s oral hygiene is thoroughly examined when they visit. Doctors here remind every patient, individually & personally, about their due check-ups. This process helps our patients avoid possible costly treatments later on.

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