Do you want to cover up your teeth imperfections?

Then Dental Veneers are the right option for you.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your front teeth, or you want to hide any imperfections, then dental veneers are an excellent solution.

Dental veneers can do a fantastic job at masking all sorts of problems related to the appearance of your front teeth.

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What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers are wafer-thin, tooth coloured material attached to the surface of your natural front tooth/teeth.

They are durable and look very natural.

Dental Veneers Treatment is an excellent choice and represents the best cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve the aesthetics or correct any imperfections. (colour, shape and size)

How can dental veneers make you look better?

Dental Veneers Treatment can make your teeth look great and give you a beautiful smile by correcting any minor imperfections, like:

  • Building up a tooth in case it is cracked or chipped
  • Improving the colour of a stained or discoloured Teeth
  • Veneers can help in shaping a misaligned or crooked teeth
  • They can improve the smile by filling any gaps in between the teeth
  • Hypocalcification on Teeth (Enamel formed but not mineralized completely) can be covered by dental veneers
  • Worn-out teeth, which may be age-related, can be given proper shape to enhance the way your teeth look.

However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure and Dental Veneers Treatment may not be the best option in cases like:

  • If you have excessive spacing in between your teeth, then dental veneers are not a great option. For this orthodontic treatment (Braces or Aligners) are a more suitable option.
  • Severe fracture of the tooth which may require a crown
  • Not enough tooth structure for bonding of the Veneer
  • Parafunctional habits like grinding and clenching
  • Poor oral hygiene

3 reasons why you should get Dental Veneers Treatment done

  • No-prep or minimal tooth preparation is required for dental veneers. Whereas in a crown the tooth has to be reduced to a certain size for the crown to be fitted.
  • Dental veneers are strong and durable and can last for many years.
  • The colour of the veneers is stable and does not change in the case of porcelain veneers.

Dental Veneers do a fantastic job of hiding or masking any tooth imperfections.

So if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your front teeth, Dental Veneers Treatment is an excellent solution.

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What are the types Of Veneers that could help you in getting rid of any tooth imperfections?

There are mainly two types of veneers:  Composite and Porcelain

1)Composite Veneers (Direct Veneers)

Composite Veneers are made in the clinic by the Dentist at the chairside.

They are made of composite resin material and applied directly onto your teeth. The procedure generally takes about 1-2 sittings and can be done without any tooth preparation or minimal tooth preparation.

This procedure is also referred to as cosmetic bonding.

The latest materials and techniques are used to match the correct tooth shade to give you desirable results. 

Composite veneers are easy to remove or repair and can last up to 5-7yrs. 

The biggest disadvantage is that they are weaker than porcelain veneers and can chip if you are not careful. In some cases, they will need to be replaced or repaired frequently.

They are also not stain resistant, discolour and can take up the stains of coffee, tea or wine after a while.

If you are a smoker then Composite Veneers are not the best option for you.

2)Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are made outside the mouth in the dental laboratory using a strong and durable material called porcelain.

These veneers after fabrication are bonded on the tooth surfaces, thus creating extremely dramatic transformations.

This procedure requires 3-4 sittings spanning over 10-14 days.

Meticulous planning is done for each patient.

The concerns of the patients are understood and the digital/analogue planning is done to get the best results.

The tooth preparation required is a little more than composite veneers but much less than a crown.

The use of the latest materials and CAD-CAM/ digital Technology in the design and manufacture of these thin Veneers make them durable and also look very natural. 

They are unlikely to fracture and can last up to 10-15 yrs with proper care. 

They also do not stain or change colour and will practically look as good as the day they were fitted.

The biggest disadvantage of porcelain veneers is that this is an irreversible process.

If you have parafunctional habits like grinding and clenching or if you have the habit of biting your nails then Veneers are not the best option for you.

How to take care of your Veneers after they are placed?

Dental Veneers Treatment can change the way your teeth look and can make your smile much more attractive, natural and harmonious.

So if you would want them to last for as long as possible, there are certain things to keep in consideration and precautions that you should take.

  • Avoid biting anything hard from your front teeth. Use your back teeth for harder foods.
  • Do not eat ice or bite your nails, as the veneers may chip or debond.
  • The use of your front teeth to open food packets or sachets should be avoided.
  • Avoid smoking if you have composite veneers as they stain easily. Use a straw to drink tea, coffee or red wine.
  • If you have a habit of grinding or clenching then ask your dentist for a nightguard to protect your veneers.
  • If you are an active sports person then wear a mouthguard.
  • Get routine check-ups done.

With good care and good oral hygiene, your veneers should be able to make you smile the way you did the first day you got them, for as long as possible.

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