Why should you save your natural teeth and how?

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime.

And if you lose them, an artificial replacement will always be second to the natural one.

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Your natural teeth are worth saving. You should take every effort to save them.

Nothing can simulate your teeth in terms of look, feel and function.

By saving your natural teeth, you maintain the natural structure of your jaw and mouth. With the loss of even a single tooth, your bone will start to collapse, thus deforming the facial structures eventually.

Although with the practice of modern dentistry, the possibility of repairing your smile and facial structures can always be considered. But preserving your natural teeth is always the best option.

The reasons for you to lose a tooth can be numerous

  • Physical Trauma
  • Gum Disease
  • Severe Decay or cavities

But if a tooth can be saved, it should be saved by any means possible.

And for this; Root canal treatment/Endodontic treatment should be your first choice for the best health and cosmetic results.

Root canal treatment can save your decayed or infected tooth for many years.

It is a completely safe and effective procedure and should always be considered before the option of extracting a tooth.

DO YOU KNOW: A root canal treatment is a process that helps in saving your natural teeth, even if it decayed or infected.

If you are conscious about your overall health, then you should be equally conscious about your teeth.

Would it be possible for you to take care of your health if you cannot chew your food or eat properly?

It always works in your favour if you are as attentive about your teeth as your health.

A little extra care & protection always ensure your teeth are there with you for your lifetime.

Schedule your appointment at The Dentist today, and save your natural teeth, even if it is decayed, with Root Canal Treatment.

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