How important is the cost of root canal treatment?

The cost of root canal treatment – How important is this question? 

Here’s why you may want to shift your focus from the ‘Cost’ to the ‘Quality’ of your root canal treatment.

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For many of us, the moment we are advised of a root canal treatment, a terror of unbearable pain occurs in our mind.

For some reason, about 80-90% of the patients associate pain with root canal treatment. 

Hence, most of them end up avoiding the treatment for as long as it takes.

But first, it is important to understand why would you need a root canal treatment.

When the soft tissues inside the root of the tooth get infected or when it is inflamed, it usually starts to pain.

In most of the cases, such a situation leads to a root canal treatment.

There could be many answers to control the pain, but all of them are usually a temporary resolution.

However, for the pain to subside permanently, root canal treatment is the only answer in such cases.

Some of the most common reasons for such an infection are:

  • A visible decayed tooth
  • Extreme pain in the tooth
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold while eating or drinking
  • Possible trauma to the tooth – fracture or chipped tooth
  • The same tooth undergoing multiple treatments – like filling a cavity, re-filling the cavity & thereon.

There can be many reasons for being advised a root canal treatment.

Whatever may be the reason, there’s one common denominator among all root canal treatments – It also means your natural tooth can be saved!

Treatment of the pain is just one part of it. Saving your tooth with the root canal treatment is another derived benefit that you get when you undergo this treatment.

A root canal treatment is always a wise choice when you want to take care of your tooth pain, and also intend to save your natural tooth for lifelong.

After you have made the right choice of going ahead with the root canal treatment, many of you may think it is a simple and easy process and should not cost much.

But, on the contrary, the root canal treatment is a very precise and a meticulously done procedure.

Above all, a high level of knowledge is required to understand the tooth anatomy with its complexities. These complexities are what makes your teeth more difficult to treat.

A root canal specialist undergoes special training to treat your tooth the way it should be treated so that you do not have to undergo the same treatment again and again.

If the quality of the root canal treatment is taken care of at the very first time, the higher the chances are your tooth will survive for a lifetime.

And if the quality of the root canal treatment is compromised in the beginning, the same tooth may have to undergo the same treatment again in due course.

And once you’ve decided to undergo a root canal treatment, it is very important that you understand the significance of ‘quality’ over the ‘cost’ of the treatment.

7 factors that would help you determine the cost of root canal treatment:

1) Location of the tooth involved

For an affected front tooth, the cost may be lesser in comparison to the one that you may incur for the back tooth or a molar.

In simple words, this means the number of roots or canals in a front tooth are usually less, while the number of canals in the back tooth may vary from 3-6 per tooth. In a rare case, the canals may even go up to 7.

Depending on which tooth of yours is undergoing a root canal treatment, the cost may vary likewise.

2) The complexity of the root canal system of a tooth

Every tooth is different and unique on its own.

In the same manner, the canal system of a tooth is an intricate network which may be different for every tooth of an individual.

A simple IOPA X-Ray or a CBCT scan of the tooth can always help the specialist determine the complexity.

The more complex the root canal system, the more time & effort it usually takes to accomplish a proper treatment.

And therefore a complex system may lead to increasing the cost of your root canal treatment.

3) No. of sittings required to accomplish the root canal treatment

At The Dentist, we specialize in single sitting root canal treatments

However, there are always instances where the tooth may require multiple sittings, such as:

  • The root canal system is complex for a particular tooth
  • If there is a serious infection in the tooth
  • If the extent of the decayed tooth is such that it may be difficult to reach the canal system easily
  • Accessibility of the tooth is complex (valid for the back teeth)

4) The extent of the decay of a tooth

When the extent of the decayed tooth is such, that the left crown structure is minimal. Or it becomes difficult to reach the canal system.

In such cases, to support the tooth structure certain specialized instruments or material is required. This increases the life span of your tooth.

Thus, a severely decayed tooth may increase the cost for your root canal treatment.

5) Retreatment of previously done root canals

If a previously done root canal treatment was not done properly it may become infected.

The retreatment of such cases is always a challenge. It requires special retreatment instruments and materials. The number of sittings required to treat the tooth properly also increases.

In such cases, the cost will increase as there is an added difficulty of treating the same tooth properly.

6) The kind of technology, technique and materials used by the Root Canal Specialist/ Endodontist

For high-quality treatment, Root canal specialists used highly accurate and advanced technologies.

  • Usage of High-Resolution Loupes or Microscopes which helps them in seeing better, hence you can be treated better.
  • The best of Nickel-Titanium files used, which helps in shaping the canals perfectly.
  • To ensure that the exact length of the root end of the tooth is reached, The Endodontist will use an Apex-locator which helps in determining the exact length.
  • The cleaning procedure or the irrigation protocol is one of the most important steps in root canal treatments. The use of ultrasonics helps in cleaning the canal and offers the possibility of 3-dimensional cleaning and a better irrigation protocol. 
  • For filling of the tooth canals, a 3-D Obturation/Filling technique is used which ensures a proper hermetic seal to prevent bacteria from re-entering and causing a new infection.

7) The experience and expertise of the Endodontist

The experience and expertise of the root canal specialist are important as a root canal specialist undergoes special training to deal with simplest to the most difficult cases.

The ability to treat a case in the best manner can be dealt with by a specialist better. The knowledge and experience help in determining how to tackle every different case.

To conclude, keeping all these factors in mind, the cost for root canal treatment certainly becomes secondary and the quality of the treatment becomes a primary concern.

And that’s exactly how it should be.

Hence, You need to focus on finding the right dentist/endodontist and focus on finding the best treatment and aftercare for the root canal treatment, than worrying about the cost of root canal treatment.

It is your tooth and you want it for the rest of your life, so it is safe to say that you would want the best for it.

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