How to take care of your decayed tooth?

root canal treatment

If you ever observe decay in any of your teeth, here are 2 things you must do:

1. Do not ignore that decay

2. Visit a Root Canal Specialist

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Your tooth starts decaying when the outer layer of it, the tooth enamel, starts to soften.

It all begins with deposits in between and around the teeth. And over a period, this deposit leads to the loss of mineral from the tooth enamel.

If left untreated, this leads to a cavity or a hole in the tooth. And if the hole grows larger over time, this may even destroy the whole tooth.

Overall, you may end up losing your tooth.

DO YOU KNOW: A root canal treatment not only treats the decayed tooth but also protects your natural tooth for life.

That’s true.

Many think that root canal treatment is a complex and painful process, which is only required in extreme cases.

The fact is that a Root Canal Treatment is a brilliant process that helps in saving an infected or a damaged natural tooth.

And it is often a straight forward procedure.

Only a Root Canal Specialist, an Endodontist, would recommend you so.

Every tooth of yours is worth saving.

So whether it is decayed, damaged or infected in any way, visit a Root Canal Specialist, an Endodontist.

Only Root Canal Specialists are best equipped to help you undergo a treatment where you also get to save your natural teeth.

Know more about the Root Canal Treatment and the high-quality equipment used at The Dentist.

Technologies & equipment like High-resolution loupes, Nickel-Titanium files, Apex Locator and usage of ultrasonics, 3-dimensional cleaning & 3-D Obturation/Filling technique helps The Dentist specialize in saving your natural teeth.

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Save your decayed tooth before you lose it.

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