How long do you think your teeth would last?

How long do you think your teeth would last?

It is a simple question. Great if you can answer it.

Or else, seek an opinion today.

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Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime.

No matter what treatment you get done later, nothing can simulate the functions like your natural teeth.

Ideally, you should take every necessary step towards saving them, in any possible way.

DO YOU KNOW: About 80% of us avoid any dental treatment for as long as it takes. It is this negligence that leads to the loss of natural teeth.

In our day-to-day life, often, we eat, drink or do things that in one or the other way affect the health of our teeth.

Some of our common behaviours are:

  • Drinking Coffee or Smoking
  • Grinding teeth while working, sleeping or when angry
  • Eating chocolates & candies, especially in the case of kids
  • Brushing your teeth, too hard or too soft
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Not flossing
  • Not rinsing properly after eating our meals
  • Drinking acidic drinks like colas, iced tea, etc.

Most of these actions affect your teeth in multiple different ways:

  • They stain your teeth
  • At times, your teeth may get eroded
  • Some of the actions lead to poor oral hygiene
  • You may get bleeding gums
  • Feeling sensitivity while eating/drinking hot or cold
  • Unexpected cavities & caries
  • Weakening of tooth
  • Soft & hard deposits around the teeth

In the beginning, to most of us, everything seems like a common problem.

We often believe these problems would go away in due course of time, and delay consulting a dentist.

Also, some of us feel these concerns are not important enough to consult a dentist.

However, gradually, they all lead to either of the 2 situations:

  • Loss of your natural tooth
  • An expensive dental treatment – artificial replacement or protection of tooth

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For a moment, can you imagine yourself without your teeth?

For sure, you cannot!

Your teeth are an integral part of your body & personality. Do you take enough steps to save it for your lifetime?

If you are conscious about your overall health, why is it that you cannot be conscious about your teeth?

Would it be possible for you to take care of your health if you cannot chew your food or eat properly?

It always works in your favour if you are as attentive about your teeth as your health.

A little extra care & protection always ensure your teeth are there with you for your lifetime.

Schedule your appointment at The Dentist today, and know the real life of your teeth.

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