Painless & Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment. Possible!

decayed tooth

It is a common belief that Root Canal Treatment means unbearable pain and multiple visits.

And most of this belief is based on the historical experience of someone.

The fear of the pain amongst some of the patient is so much that a lot of us avoid going to a dentist and delay the treatment.

This delay is one of the main reason why some of us end up losing the tooth.

A painful & multiple sitting root canal treatments were common a couple of years back, but now with the advent of latest technologies, advanced techniques and precision instruments, painless Root Canal Treatment can be completed in a single sitting.

If you have an infected tooth or a decayed one, a Root Canal Treatment is the most effective way to cure and save it. And it can relieve you of the unbearable pain soon after the treatment.

At The Dentist, we specialise in Painless Root Canal Treatments. We use the best of the instruments, as per global standards, so that the procedure is easy and comfortable for the patients.

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For a high-quality root canal treatment, some of the advanced technologies and techniques used at The Dentist are:

  • Usage of High-Resolution Loupes, which aids in seeing better, hence we treat better.
  • The best of Nickel-Titanium files, which helps in shaping the canals.
  • To reach to the exact length of the root end of the tooth The Dentist uses the worlds best Apex-locator.
  • For the cleaning procedure or the irrigation protocol, one of the most important steps in root canal treatments, The Dentist uses ultrasonics that helps in cleaning the canal. This process also offers the possibility of 3-dimensional cleaning and a better irrigation protocol.
  • For filling of the tooth canals, a 3-D Obturation/Filling technique is used which ensures a proper hermetic seal. This prevents bacteria from re-entering and causing a new infection.

With the best of technologies & techniques, as mentioned above, a single sitting and painless Root Canal Treatment is possible.

And depending on the level of infection, some may feel a slight pain during the treatment, but largely, a Root Canal Treatment can be done with almost no pain.

So why delay your Root Canal Treatment?

Visit The Dentist today.

How to schedule your appointment at The Dentist?

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