How to get rid of smoking stains on teeth?

Smoking stains are the first thing that gets noticed when you smile.

If you are thinking about how to get rid of smoking stains, then you are one step closer towards achieving better smile and healthy teeth.

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Well, it’s true that Smoking can cause some nasty stains, and can lead to permanent discolouration of your teeth.

It can also cause some serious damage in your mouth.

Apart from stains and gum diseases, Smoking also leads to severe tooth decay.

The case below is the true depiction of how smoking can cause severe tooth decay.


After removal of all the tooth decay

After Placement Of All Ceramic Crowns (Metal-Free) and Composite/Direct Veneers in the Upper teeth and

Teeth Whitening for lower teeth

In conclusion, smoking is an important cause of tooth decay and gum diseases. In severe cases, it can cause your teeth to fall out.