Unhappy with yellow teeth? Get Teeth Whitening in Delhi. Know its cost in 2024.

Teeth Whitening in Delhi

Worried about your yellow teeth?

Want whiter teeth for an upcoming event or wedding in the family?

Teeth whitening is the best answer.

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Teeth Whitening is the best answer if you want a brighter smile to boost your confidence.

There can be multiple reasons for wanting to have a whiter & brighter smile.

And the best way to get whiter teeth is to get professional teeth whitening.

While brushing your teeth is an excellent way to get cleaner teeth, teeth whitening is what you need when your teeth turn yellow.

Professional Teeth Whitening is a miracle solution for yellow teeth and stubborn stains.

Stained teeth don’t look good. Period.

The way your teeth look can have a massive impact on your self-confidence.

Hence, it can cause you to be conscious of your smile.

Initially, teeth are never perfectly white.

They are always slightly off-white.

As a result of specific eating and drinking habits, your teeth may acquire stains.

Know what stains teeth:

  • Chewing tobacco or smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene, i.e., not brushing and flossing regularly
  • Regular consumption of Coffee, Tea, Wine & Sodas
  • Any trauma to the tooth or disease
  • Certain Medications

As a result, teeth become yellow and acquire pigmentation inside the teeth as we age.

Many factors can cause stains on your teeth and make them look yellow.

However, many safe and effective ways could improve the look of your teeth.

If you wish to know more, 2 types of stains discolour your teeth & make them look dull and darker.

1) Stains due to Internal factors (Intrinsic Stains)

Intrinsic stains are present on the inner layer of your teeth.

These stains may be due to certain medications or can also be age-related.

Therefore, intrinsic stains are difficult to remove, but with the help of professional teeth whitening treatments can be removed.

2) Stains due to External factors (Extrinsic Stains)

Extrinsic stains are on the outer layer or surface of the teeth.

These stains are due to specific eating and drinking habits.

Primary sources of such stains are tea, coffee, wine and sodas.  

Above all, plaque development, smoking or chewing tobacco also discolours our teeth.

On the other hand, these stains are comparatively easy to remove.

Therefore, they respond well to regular professional cleaning and at-home or in-office teeth whitening treatments.

So, what exactly is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening or Bleaching is the process of lightening the colour of the teeth.

Professional Teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment which can remove any discolouration and make your smile brighter.

Moreover, this is a low-risk procedure, thus suitable for many patients.

However, It is ideal for people who have healthy teeth and gums.

It is the most commonly done Cosmetic Dental Procedure, and why not? It instantly brightens your teeth and lowers the tooth shade to 4-8 shades lighter.

But, one should always do it under a professional’s guidance.

Ask our Doctors which Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure is the best and most effective.

And read below to know the Teeth Whitening cost.

Here are 3 options you have for Teeth Whitening:

1) Zoom/ Light Accelerated Teeth Whitening

Light Accelerated teeth whitening is an in-office bleaching process that lightens the colour of enamel (outer layer) and dentin (inner layer).

An Advanced Power Chairside Light accelerates the bleaching process in this tooth-whitening procedure.

After thoroughly examining your teeth and gums, we can decide whether this professional teeth whitening procedure is proper for you.

Firstly, a proper evaluation of lifestyle and habits is done to ensure the procedure is safe and effective.

Prior tooth cleaning and polishing are recommended.

Secondly, the bleaching gel is applied for three 15 mins cycles each.

Finally, this gel is activated by the light so that it can penetrate the deeper layers of the teeth to break the stains and discolouration, thus giving you the desired colour.

This entire procedure may take 45mins.

Caution: This teeth whitening procedure is unsafe for children and pregnant or lactating women.

2) In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is a simple and commonly done chair-side teeth whitening process.

A bleaching light is not required for this.

Most importantly, the procedure takes only about 30-45 mins.

The gel is applied to the teeth for 2 cycles of 8-15 mins each (depending upon the desired results).

Prior tooth cleaning and polishing are recommended.

3) At-Home Teeth Whitening 

This teeth whitening procedure is done at home by the patient during the day or night, depending upon the patient’s comfort.

Firstly, we provide custom-made trays and whitening gel for home use.

Secondly, instructions are given to the patient on how to place the gel in the trays and how much time.

However, depending on the discolouration, an at-home teeth whitening procedure may take days to weeks to achieve desirable results.

Most importantly, every patient responds differently to the treatment. Results achieved may vary for different patients.

A Dentist is the best guide to let you know which kind of at-home teeth whitening procedure is best for you as per your lifestyle and needs.

However, an important aspect is to follow the Dentist’s instructions diligently.

Otherwise, it may not get you the result you expect.

What would a professional Teeth Whitening cost you?

Teeth whitening cost depends on the type of whitening required and the level of discolouration in your teeth.

The number of sittings required to bring down the shade to your desired choice also determines the teeth whitening cost.

For instance, light accelerated teeth whitening is preferred for a drastic change in your tooth colour.

This can bring down the colour of your tooth to several shades lighter.

As a result, the teeth whitening cost is higher than the cost for in-office and at-home teeth whitening procedures.

Hence, a proper evaluation for the best results is a must.

Teeth Whitening cost:

In-office Teeth Whitening cost in Delhi – approx INR 10,000 & upwards.

At-home Teeth Whitening cost in Delhi – approx INR 8,000 & upwards

Light accelerated/Zoom Teeth Whitening cost in Delhi – approx INR 18,000 & upwards.

Consult our Doctors at +91-9971711810 and know the Teeth Whitening cost and the procedure best suited for you.

Is there any age limit to professional Teeth Whitening?

If you are wondering whether you are the right age for teeth whitening, then don’t worry.

We can fulfil your desire to get whiter teeth as long as you are above the age of 16yrs with healthy teeth and gums.

Besides, anybody can undergo teeth whitening in Delhi.

No age (above 16yrs) is a deterrent factor for teeth whitening. It doesn’t matter even if you are 70 yrs of age.

Regardless, don’t think about your age if you desire whiter teeth.

Consult our Doctors at +91-9971711810 and schedule an appointment today. They can help you decide which Teeth Whitening procedure suits your needs, age, and the Teeth Whitening cost.

What are the side effects of Teeth Whitening?

Professional Teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment.

Most patients who undergo whitening procedures at The Dentist experience few or no side effects.

However, some patients may encounter certain side effects, as mentioned below:

1) Tooth Sensitivity

Your teeth may develop some sensitivity during or after the whitening procedure.

However, this is temporary and subsides with time. We can apply a desensitizing gel layer to help you with tooth sensitivity.

2) Gum Irritation

The gums get irritated if the bleaching gel comes in contact with the tissues.

However, this is also temporary and goes away after the treatment.

Moreover, any side effects experienced are minimal with quality products and the best brands at our clinic.

Are Teeth Whitening a permanent solution?

Teeth Whitening is not a permanent procedure.

Results achieved may last from a few months to a year or more. The effect varies from person to person.

Moreover, the eating or drinking habits one has will impact how long the effect of the procedure will last.

Do’s/Don’ts of Teeth Whitening:

Always follow the instructions given by your dental professional.

However, one should consider specific considerations to keep your smile brighter and whiter for a longer time.

  • If you are a smoker, do not smoke for 48hrs after the treatment. The best is to quit smoking as it leaves a dark stain on your teeth.
  • For 48-72 hrs, do not consume coloured foods like turmeric-based food and gravies, red sauces, or fruits like blackberries or blueberries.
  • Avoid beverages like tea, coffee or red wine for at least 48 hrs.
  •  Do not consume acidic foods or drinks like white wine, sodas, etc.
  • Avoid using coloured toothpaste or mouthwash for 48 hrs.
  • Consumption of anything too hot or too cold may cause some sensitivity.
The DOs
  • Visit your Dentist for regular check-ups.
  • Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once daily is essential to maintain the effect of teeth whitening.
  • Rinsing after you eat anything should be a part of your daily oral hygiene regime.
  • Consume only light-coloured foods and drinks after your whitening procedure.
  • Use sensitive toothpaste and mouthwashes to give you relief from any sensitivity. If the problem persists or is severe, don’t hesitate to contact your dental professional.
  • You may require touch-up treatments every 6-12 months to maintain the colour and brightness of your teeth.
  • Existing crowns, fillings or veneers will not whiten with this procedure.

What can I eat after my Teeth Whitening procedure?

Ideally, for about 48-72 hours, after your professional teeth whitening procedure, avoid anything that could stain your teeth.

The best way to judge it is by comparing your teeth to a white cloth. Anything that will stain a white fabric can stain your teeth as well.

Hence, after 48 hrs of Teeth Whitening in Delhi, some of the foods considered safe for consumption are listed below:-

  • White-sauce-based foods like white pasta.
  • Milk (room temperature)
  • White Curd/ Yoghurt (room temperature)
  • Coconut Water
  • Bananas
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Eggs
  • White Cheese
  • White Rice
  • White Fish
  • Chicken Breast

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1) Ensure every bit to save your natural teeth

Nothing can simulate the functions of your natural teeth. Hence, the Doctors at The Dentist work toward saving your natural teeth in every possible way.

2) Conduct Root Canal Treatments with 97.5% accuracy

The world’s best instruments & technologies are used for Root Canal Treatments. This extra care ensures high precision & accuracy for every Root Canal Treatment. Doctors at The Dentist have accomplished 3000+ successful Root Canal Treatments thus far.

3) Expert Doctors in their field

All the Doctors at The Dentist carry more than 15-20 years of expertise in their respective fields.

Specialist in Root Canal Treatment – Dr Srishti Jauhar (3000+ successful RCTs).

Expert Implantologist – Dr Anurag Singh is an accomplished Implantologist and Master in Dental Implants (3000+ Dental Implants).

Invisible Aligners Expert – Dr Karan Bhalla (600+ Invisible Aligners)

4) Work passionately with every single patient

Doctors here work quite intensely in every case. And they prefer it that way. It only ensures a quality dental treatment in the end.

5) Use advanced Dental Instruments & Materials

An excellent dental treatment needs high-quality instruments & materials. To deliver the best treatment, the Doctors at The Dentist conduct every dental case with the best high-quality instruments & materials.

6) Follow 4-tier Sterilization of Dental Instruments

Like high-quality instruments, even the sterilization followed at The Dentist is of a high standard – A 4-tier Sterilization process which ensures exceptionally hygienic instruments for every single treatment.

7) Assure every Dental Treatment

Every doctor at The Dentist is very meticulous in every procedure. By following a stringent process for every dental treatment, every case comes with a seal of Treatment Assurance for the lifetime.

8) There’s no waiting time for patients

Every patient at The Dentist visits with a prior appointment. Doctors at The Dentist prefer treating One patient at a time. It helps the Patient and the Doctor respect each other’s time.

9) Educate patients during the treatment

To avoid costly treatments in the future, every Patient at The Dentist is educated about their oral hygiene status. This process usually helps the patient prevent a possible future treatment.

10) Association with the best labs in India

Like high-quality Dental Instruments, Doctors at The Dentist are equally particular about working with the best labs in India. Quality dental labs churn out high-quality work that the treatment requires. These associations further ensure quality treatment at The Dentist.

11) Conduct every Dental treatment ethically

We firmly believe in ethical dental treatment. Doctors at The Dentist treat every patient ethically. With 100% transparency, Doctors discuss every aspect of the dental treatment with the patient – cost, process, duration, etc. Our patients always appreciate this ethical approach.

12) Treat patients from around the globe

The Dentist is a well-established Advanced Dental Clinic. Hundreds of patients worldwide have undergone dental treatments at The Dentist. Some have come far from geographies like the US, Holland, Dubai, Iran, Africa, China & Japan.

13) Ensure regular follow-ups with Patients

Every patient’s oral hygiene is thoroughly examined when they visit. Doctors here remind every patient, individually & personally, about their due check-ups. This process helps our patients avoid possible costly treatments later on.