Where do I find the best Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Delhi?

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Like many others, do you also fear Root Canal Treatments?

If the case is not complex, your Root Canal Treatment can be done in just a single visit. It can also be painless.

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THE DENTIST is an Advanced Dental Clinic in Defence Colony, South Delhi. The Doctors associated with The Dentist have been practising dentistry for 20+ years. They have been engaged with recognized Hospitals in Delhi NCR. They specialize in Root Canal Treatments, Crowns & Bridges, Dental Implants, Invisible Aligners, Teeth Whitening, Dentures and other essential Dental Treatments. The treatments at The Dentist are led by Dr Srishti Jauhar, an expert in Root Canal Treatments (3000+ RCTs done so far); Dr Anurag Singh, an expert in Dental Implants (3000+ Dental Implants done so far) & Dr Karan Bhalla an expert in Dental Aligners & Braces (600+ Invisible Aligners executed so far).

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When it comes to Dental Treatments, especially Root Canal Treatments, ‘fear of pain‘ is the first thought that strikes first to all of us.

Getting the whole treatment done seems like a challenging task that one avoids for as long as possible.

Certainly, you can’t do away with the treatment, but delaying dental treatment is the most common phenomenon.

Usually, people fear Root Canal Treatments & Tooth Extraction, especially for Wisdom teeth.

Undoubtedly, the fear is prominent and also justifiable to some extent.

However, advanced techniques & instruments could make the whole Root Canal Treatment experience easy and comfortable.

Especially the Root Canal Treatments have become very advanced these days.

If a Dentist follows advanced techniques and works with new technologies, one can make the entire Root Canal Treatment procedure very easy & comforting for the patients.

Meet The Dentist.

The Dentist is an Advanced Dental Clinic in Defence Colony, South Delhi.

Chiefly, the Doctors associated with The Dentist have been practising dentistry for the past 20+ years.

Most of them are engaged or have been engaged in the past with recognized Hospitals in Delhi NCR.

They specialize in Root Canal Treatments, Crowns & Bridges, Dental Implants, Invisible Aligners, Teeth Whitening, Dentures and other essential dental treatments.

Dr Srishti Jauhar, the expert in Root Canal Treatments at The Dentist, has been practising Dentistry for the past 19+ years.

In all, she has conducted 3000+ successful Root Canal Treatments thus far.

About 90% of her Root Canal Treatments have been Single Visits & Painless.

For every Root Canal Treatment, she uses the world’s best instruments & technologies.

Her expertise in Endodontics treatments has led her to an accuracy level of +97.5% in every Root Canal Treatment she conducts.

Furthermore, Dr Srishti has previously served patients at Fortis Le Femme, GK & other privately owned clinics.

Most Root Canal Treatment cases undertaken here were covered in a single visit.

Altogether, about 90% of the patients either did not experience pain during the Root Canal Treatment or just minimal non-troubling pain during the treatment.

4 compelling reasons why you should visit The Dentist when you are looking for the best Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Delhi:

1) Single Visit Root Canal Treatments

Most of the patients who visited The Dentist for Root Canal Treatments had to visit the clinic just once.

A Single Visit Root Canal Treatment is usually possible unless the treatment is complex.

Under a typical scenario where other Dentists don’t use advanced techniques for treatments, Patients usually visit their Clinics multiple times for just a Root Canal Treatment.

2) Almost painless Root Canal Treatments

More than 90% of patients treated at The Dentist did not experience pain while undergoing the root canal treatment. Or, in some cases, they just had minimal non-troubling tooth pain.

At The Dentists, Doctors use the most advanced techniques & instruments for Root Canal Treatments, ensuring a painless treatment.

3) Treatment Assurance

The procedures followed for root canal treatment at The Dentist assure a permanent fix of the pain without losing the tooth.

Usually, patients never face any difficulty or pain post-treatment throughout their life.

Furthermore, if you still experience pain or discomfort in the treated tooth, the Doctors here address your concern immediately.

The Doctors at The Dentist assure you of the treatment here.

4) Root Canal Treatment with an accuracy of 97.5%

At The Dentist, Doctors use the world’s best technologies for Root Canal Treatments.

The instruments used here are perfect by design and technology behind it.

These instruments are designed to deliver accurate measurements, even in extreme cases of the presence of blood or discharges experienced during the treatment.

Aboveall, these devices have patented technologies that deliver an accuracy rate of 97.5%

For the patients to get a high-quality treatment, The Dentist uses advanced technologies and techniques:

  • Usage of High-Resolution Loupes aids in seeing better; hence, we treat better.
  • The best of Nickel-Titanium files are used, which help shape the canals. 
  • To ensure that we reach the exact length of the tooth’s root end, The Dentist uses the world’s best Apex-locator.
  • The cleaning procedure or the irrigation protocol is one of the essential steps in root canal treatments. Using ultrasonics helps us clean the canal and offers the possibility of 3-dimensional cleaning and a better irrigation protocol. 
  • A 3-D Obturation/Filling technique is used to fill the tooth canals, ensuring a proper airtight seal to prevent bacteria from re-entering and causing a new infection.

With the best technologies, Endodontic treatment has a high success rate and many root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime.

All the above factors ensure that there will be no trouble in the future.

To conclude, if you are looking for a Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Delhi, you are looking for the right possible answer to your problem.

Wondering, What is the cost of the root canal treatment?

After you have found the answer to ” The Best Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Delhi“, the next question is mostly about the cost of root canal treatment.

Generally, there are varying myths and assumptions around root canal treatment.

One of the most misleading ones is that the cost of root canal treatment should not be much.

The truth is that Root Canal Treatment is one of the most intricate and difficult of all Dental Treatments.

The cost of Root Canal Treatment depends on the factors mentioned below.

1) Location of the tooth where you are experiencing the pain – The cost may be lesser for a front tooth affected than the back tooth or a molar.

2) Complexity of the root canal system of your tooth – Some cases are easy while others are complex.

3) No. of sittings required to accomplish your Root Canal Treatment

4) The extent of the decay of a tooth

5) Retreatment of previously done Root Canal Treatment, if at all

6) The kind of technique, materials & instruments required to conduct the Root Canal Treatment

7) The experience and expertise of the Endodontist

Finally, all these factors are always subjective.

However, it is always advisable to consult the doctor and conclude your Root Canal Treatment cost.

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13 Reasons why Patients trust The Dentist:

1) Ensure every bit to save your natural teeth

Nothing can simulate the functions of your natural teeth. Hence, the Doctors at The Dentist work toward saving your natural teeth in every possible way.

2) Conduct Root Canal Treatments with 97.5% accuracy

The world’s best instruments & technologies are used for Root Canal Treatments. This extra care ensures high precision & accuracy for every Root Canal Treatment. Doctors at The Dentist have accomplished 3000+ successful Root Canal Treatments thus far.

3) Expert Doctors in their field

All the Doctors at The Dentist carry more than 15-20 years of expertise in their respective fields.

Specialist in Root Canal Treatment – Dr Srishti Jauhar (3000+ successful RCTs).

Expert Implantologist – Dr Anurag Singh is an accomplished Implantologist and Master in Dental Implants (3000+ Dental Implants).

Invisible Aligners Expert – Dr Karan Bhalla (600+ Invisible Aligners)

4) Work passionately with every single patient

Doctors here work quite intensely in every case. And they prefer it that way. It only ensures a quality dental treatment in the end.

5) Use advanced Dental Instruments & Materials

An excellent dental treatment needs high-quality instruments & materials. To deliver the best treatment, the Doctors at The Dentist conduct every dental case with the best high-quality instruments & materials.

6) Follow 4-tier Sterilization of Dental Instruments

Like high-quality instruments, even the sterilization followed at The Dentist is of a high standard – A 4-tier Sterilization process which ensures exceptionally hygienic instruments for every single treatment.

7) Assure every Dental Treatment

Every doctor at The Dentist is very meticulous in every procedure. By following a stringent process for every dental treatment, every case comes with a seal of Treatment Assurance for the lifetime.

8) There’s no waiting time for patients

Every patient at The Dentist visits with a prior appointment. Doctors at The Dentist prefer treating One patient at a time. It helps the Patient and the Doctor respect each other’s time.

9) Educate patients during the treatment

To avoid costly treatments in the future, every Patient at The Dentist is educated about their oral hygiene status. This process usually helps the patient prevent a possible future treatment.

10) Association with the best labs in India

Like high-quality Dental Instruments, Doctors at The Dentist are equally particular about working with the best labs in India. Quality dental labs churn out high-quality work that the treatment requires. These associations further ensure quality treatment at The Dentist.

11) Conduct every Dental treatment ethically

We firmly believe in ethical dental treatment. Doctors at The Dentist treat every patient ethically. With 100% transparency, Doctors discuss every aspect of the dental treatment with the patient – cost, process, duration, etc. Our patients always appreciate this ethical approach.

12) Treat patients from around the globe

The Dentist is a well-established Advanced Dental Clinic. Hundreds of patients worldwide have undergone dental treatments at The Dentist. Some have come far from geographies like the US, Holland, Dubai, Iran, Africa, China & Japan.

13) Ensure regular follow-ups with Patients

Every patient’s oral hygiene is thoroughly examined when they visit. Doctors here remind every patient, individually & personally, about their due check-ups. This process helps our patients avoid possible costly treatments later on.