The best way to fix the look of your front teeth.

look of your front teeth

Want to fix the look of your front teeth?

Go for Dental Veneers.

It can do a fantastic job at masking all sorts of imperfections related to the look of your front teeth.

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THE DENTIST is an Advanced Dental Clinic in Defence Colony, South Delhi. The Doctors associated with The Dentist have been practising dentistry for 20+ years. They have been engaged with recognized Hospitals in Delhi NCR. They specialize in Root Canal Treatments, Crowns & Bridges, Dental Implants, Invisible Aligners, Teeth Whitening, Dentures and other essential Dental Treatments. The treatments at The Dentist are led by Dr Srishti Jauhar, an expert in Root Canal Treatments (3000+ RCTs done so far); Dr Anurag Singh, an expert in Dental Implants (3000+ Dental Implants done so far) & Dr Karan Bhalla an expert in Dental Aligners & Braces (600+ Invisible Aligners executed so far).

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What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers are wafer-thin, tooth-coloured materials attached to the surface of your natural front tooth/teeth.

They are durable and look very natural and pleasing.

Therefore, Dental Veneers Treatment is an excellent choice and represents the best cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve the aesthetics or correct imperfections. (colour, shape and size)

How can dental veneers fix the look of your front teeth?

Dental Veneers Treatment can make your teeth look great and give you a beautiful smile by correcting any minor imperfections, like:

  • Building up a tooth in case it is cracked or chipped
  • Improving the colour of stained or discoloured Teeth
  • Veneers can help in shaping misaligned or crooked teeth
  • They can enhance the smile by filling any gaps in between the teeth
  • Dental veneers can hide Hypocalcification on Teeth (Enamel formed but not mineralized completely).
  • Worn-out teeth, which may be age-related, can be given proper shape to enhance your teeth’ look.

Regardless of the nature of imperfection, it is essential to get all the information and weigh the pros and cons before deciding to get these permanent treatments.

However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure, and Dental Veneers Treatment may not be the best option in cases like:

  • Dental veneers are not a great option if you have excessive spacing between your teeth. Braces or Aligners are a more suitable option.
  • Severe fracture of the tooth, which may require a crown
  • Not enough tooth structure for bonding of the Veneer
  • Parafunctional habits like grinding and clenching
  • Poor oral hygiene

3 reasons why you should go for Dental Veneers Treatment:

  • For Dental veneers, tooth preparation required is very minimal. The tooth must be reduced to a specific size for crown preparations.
  • Dental veneers can last for many years as they are solid and durable.
  • The colour of the veneers is stable and does not change in the case of porcelain veneers.

Undoubtedly, Dental Veneers are a fantastic way to improve your smile.

Hence, Dental Veneers are the solution if you want to fix the look of your front teeth.

2 types of Veneers could fix the look of your front teeth:

1) Composite Veneers (Direct Veneers)

Composite Veneers are made chairside in the clinic by the Dentist.

They are made of composite resin material and applied directly to your teeth.

The procedure generally takes about 1-2 sittings and does not require tooth preparation or just minimal tooth preparation.

This procedure is known as cosmetic bonding.

The latest materials and techniques match the correct tooth shade to give you desirable results. 

Composite veneers are easy to remove or repair and can last up to 5-7yrs. 

However, the most significant disadvantage is that they are weaker than porcelain veneers and can chip if you are not careful.

Therefore, in some instances, a frequent replacement or repair is recommended.

They are not stain-resistant as they can take up coffee, tea or wine stains after a while.

Hence, If you are a smoker and wish to get cosmetic bonding, Composite Veneers are not the best option.

2) Porcelain Veneers

We make Porcelain Veneers outside the mouth in the dental laboratory using a strong and durable material called porcelain.

After fabrication, we bond these veneers to the tooth surfaces, thus creating dramatic transformations.

This procedure requires 3-4 sittings spanning over 10-14 days.

First, we understand the patient’s concerns in detail.

Second, for the best result, we conduct meticulous planning with the help of digital or analogue treatment plans.

The tooth preparation required is a little more than composite veneers but much less than a crown.

Using the latest materials and CAD-CAM/ digital Technology in designing and manufacturing these thin Veneers makes them durable and look very natural.

These Veneers are unlikely to fracture and can last up to 10-15 years with proper care. 

Comparatively, they do not stain or change colour.

Hence, it will look as good as the day we fitted them.

The only disadvantage of Porcelain Veneers is that it is an irreversible process.

Most importantly, if you have parafunctional habits like grinding and clenching or if you have the habit of biting your nails, then Veneers are not the best option for you.

Is it painful to get dental veneers?

No, veneers are not painful.

Although, the reduction of the tooth determines if you would have any pain or sensitivity.

Mostly, the procedure is non-invasive, and you would not experience any discomfort or pain during the treatment.

The only preparation required for veneers is a slight modification of the upper layer of the teeth.

Hence, the procedure can be carried out without much discomfort.

Also, local anaesthesia is given to alleviate any sort of pain or discomfort, and once the numbing effect is in place, the procedure can be carried out smoothly.

Altogether, it is not a painful procedure.

However, the Doctor’s skill and experience are extremely important to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

Indeed, the esthetic transformation veneers bring is life-changing for many patients.

How to take care of your Veneers after the treatment?

Dental Veneers can drastically fix the look of your front teeth and make your smile more attractive, natural and harmonious.

Therefore, if you want them to last for as long as possible, there are certain things to consider and precautions that you should take.

  • Avoid biting anything hard from your front teeth. Use your back teeth for more complex foods.
  • Do not eat ice or bite your nails, as the veneers may chip or debond.
  • Avoid opening food packets or sachets with your front teeth.
  • Avoid smoking if you have composite veneers, as they stain easily. Use a straw for drinking tea, coffee or red wine.
  • If you have a habit of grinding or clenching, ask your Dentist for a nightguard to protect your veneers.
  • Wear a mouthguard if you are an active sportsperson.
  • Get routine dental check-ups.

In conclusion, Dental Veneers blend in with your natural teeth and are almost very hard to spot with the naked eye.

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13 Reasons why Patients trust The Dentist:

1) Ensure every bit to save your natural teeth

Nothing can simulate the functions of your natural teeth. Hence, the Doctors at The Dentist work toward saving your natural teeth in every possible way.

2) Conduct Root Canal Treatments with 97.5% accuracy

The world’s best instruments & technologies are used for Root Canal Treatments. This extra care ensures high precision & accuracy for every Root Canal Treatment. Doctors at The Dentist have accomplished 3000+ successful Root Canal Treatments thus far.

3) Expert Doctors in their field

All the Doctors at The Dentist carry more than 15-20 years of expertise in their respective fields.

Specialist in Root Canal Treatment – Dr Srishti Jauhar (3000+ successful RCTs).

Expert Implantologist – Dr Anurag Singh is an accomplished Implantologist and Master in Dental Implants (3000+ Dental Implants).

Invisible Aligners Expert – Dr Karan Bhalla (600+ Invisible Aligners)

4) Work passionately with every single patient

Doctors here work quite intensely in every case. And they prefer it that way. It only ensures a quality dental treatment in the end.

5) Use advanced Dental Instruments & Materials

An excellent dental treatment needs high-quality instruments & materials. To deliver the best treatment, the Doctors at The Dentist conduct every dental case with the best high-quality instruments & materials.

6) Follow 4-tier Sterilization of Dental Instruments

Like high-quality instruments, even the sterilization followed at The Dentist is of a high standard – A 4-tier Sterilization process which ensures exceptionally hygienic instruments for every single treatment.

7) Assure every Dental Treatment

Every doctor at The Dentist is very meticulous in every procedure. By following a stringent process for every dental treatment, every case comes with a seal of Treatment Assurance for the lifetime.

8) There’s no waiting time for patients

Every patient at The Dentist visits with a prior appointment. Doctors at The Dentist prefer treating One patient at a time. It helps the Patient and the Doctor respect each other’s time.

9) Educate patients during the treatment

To avoid costly treatments in the future, every Patient at The Dentist is educated about their oral hygiene status. This process usually helps the patient prevent a possible future treatment.

10) Association with the best labs in India

Like high-quality Dental Instruments, Doctors at The Dentist are equally particular about working with the best labs in India. Quality dental labs churn out high-quality work that the treatment requires. These associations further ensure quality treatment at The Dentist.

11) Conduct every Dental treatment ethically

We firmly believe in ethical dental treatment. Doctors at The Dentist treat every patient ethically. With 100% transparency, Doctors discuss every aspect of the dental treatment with the patient – cost, process, duration, etc. Our patients always appreciate this ethical approach.

12) Treat patients from around the globe

The Dentist is a well-established Advanced Dental Clinic. Hundreds of patients worldwide have undergone dental treatments at The Dentist. Some have come far from geographies like the US, Holland, Dubai, Iran, Africa, China & Japan.

13) Ensure regular follow-ups with Patients

Every patient’s oral hygiene is thoroughly examined when they visit. Doctors here remind every patient, individually & personally, about their due check-ups. This process helps our patients avoid possible costly treatments later on.