How to ensure the best treatment for your painful tooth?

A painful tooth can be treated and saved by Root Canal Treatment.

Every tooth deserves a second chance, and for a painful decayed tooth, root canal treatment is the best option.

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When you have pain in your decayed tooth, the first thought that occurs to your mind is how to get rid of the pain.

And, if you know only root canal treatment can relieve the tooth pain and save your decayed tooth. The second thought that comes to your mind is the cost of root canal treatment.

The cost of root canal treatment is not as important as the quality of the treatment done.

If you are looking for quality in the treatment done then one has to understand what goes behind that quality.

The best technologies and techniques used, the world-class materials and the proficiency of the doctor. With all of these combined together, the quality delivered is also high.

Root Canal Treatment is the safest and the most effective way to save your decayed tooth and eliminate the unbearable tooth pain.

With the help of the latest technologies and techniques, the root canal treatment can be made very comfortable for the patients.

Every tooth is worth saving

Every tooth deserves a second or even a third chance.

With this thought in my mind, we at The Dentist try our utmost to save a tooth in any possible way, if it can be saved.

The case story of a Dutch patient is indicative of that.

Case no – 00452

Age/Sex- 35/F

Chief Complaint- Pain and a blister in the root canal treated right back tooth since 1 month. Discomfort while eating.

Medical History – None

Dental History – Root Canal Treatment in 36 (6yrs back) With PFM crown

This patient has been coming to me for the last 5yrs from the Netherlands for her dental work.

She suddenly started experiencing a dull pain in her right back tooth and even got a blister around that area.

She went for a consultation with her local dentist. After observing her tooth and X-ray, she was advised to get her tooth extracted and get an Implant instead.

But she was not comfortable with the idea of extraction, so she consulted me regarding the pain and sent me her X-rays, to take my opinion.

After observing her X-rays, I told her that the tooth definitely deserves a third chance and we should try to save the tooth.

Also, an IOPA X-ray was not conclusive in determining the life of the tooth. And we needed CBCT scans of the tooth to determine the exact problem.

She booked a flight the next week and travelled to India for her treatment.