How important is the cost of Tooth Implant?

The cost of a tooth implant – How important is this question? 

Here’s why you may want to shift your focus from the ‘Cost’ to the ‘Quality’ of your tooth implant.

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A Tooth Implant is an ideal solution for you if you have a missing tooth.

You don’t have to live with a missing tooth all your lifetime.

Tooth Implants are great answers to the following concerns:

  1. Loss of facial contours or even a possibility of it (more so when you are young)
  2. Misalignment of the surrounding teeth – the side ones and also the opposite upper or the lower one

While tooth implants are the best answers for many, some people are worried about undergoing a tooth implant surgery.

While there’s always this “fear of pain“, some also believe that the procedure comes with a lot of discomforts during and after the treatment and that it stays for a while.

Don’t worry about your tooth implant treatment. Professional Tooth Implant Experts at The Dentist can make it quite easy & comforting for you. 

Here’s what our Patient from the Netherlands has to say:

Here are some of the reasons, both scientific & long-term, why you should not worry about your tooth implant procedure.

1) Tooth Implants are a well-planned process at The Dentist. Detailed planning ensures the accuracy and precision of the treatment.

At The Dentist, any Tooth Implant Surgery is well planned, much in advance before the actual treatment.

Even before your procedure starts, our experts design the whole procedure with all the micro details.

Whether a complex or a simple dental implant, our experts always advise for a full mouth X-ray (OPG), and an IOPA X-Ray of the neighbouring teeth or CBCT in case of bone graft or sinus lift for proper placement of the implant.

Such X-Rays help the Dental Implant Experts figure out the exact implant placement and the details of where to perform the incisions that will form the channel to hold the implant.

With detailed planning, our experts perform the tooth implant surgery smoothly and know exactly what to do in case something unexpected arises during the procedure.

2) You are always under anaesthesia during the tooth implant surgery

Under local anaesthesia, you’ll remain conscious, but you won’t feel any pain in the tooth implant site.

You won’t feel pain even in the surrounding tissues of your tooth.

Local anaesthesia is quite a common part of many dental procedures.

3) Post-treatment discomfort is minimal & temporary, that too, if at all

Thanks to today’s advanced techniques, Tooth Implant Patients experience minimal post-operation discomfort.

A lot also depends on Tooth Implant Expert and how was the pre-planning of the treatment done.

Furthermore, the procedure causes only minor tissue disruption.

The Implantologist always makes sure to stitch the incised tissues correctly using self-absorbing sutures.

Additionally, there is always over-the-counter medication for quick pain relief.

Our expert Implantologist always prescribes pain-relief drugs, as needed.

4) Tooth Implants – a long-term solution for your missing tooth

Unlike the older days, today’s Dental Implant procedures have a high success rate of about 98%.

As against the conventional dentures, Tooth Implants always last longer and, they are closest to what our natural teeth are like.

Unlike Dentures, a Tooth Implant is a low maintenance treatment.

The lifespan of a Tooth Implant can usually be as long as 25-30 years or even last your lifetime, depending on how you maintain them.

What is the cost of a tooth implant?

Tooth Implants are the best treatment option for your missing tooth.

While the cost of bridges and dentures is quite low in comparison to the cost of a tooth implant, but in the long term getting a tooth implant is much more cost-effective.

However, the cost of a Tooth Implant depends on a lot of factors.

1) Quality of the dental implant itself. 

2) Cost of the kind of crown to be placed on the implant

3) Which area of the mouth requires the implant ie: location of the implant 

4) Is it a single tooth or a multiple tooth Implant placement

5) If bone grafting is required at the implant site

6) In the case of upper molars, if a sinus lift is required

7) What is your existing health condition?

8) What is going to be your pre- and post-surgical dental care

9) The expertise and experience of the surgeon placing the implant

All of the above factors play a major role in determining the cost of dental implants. 

So, if you are worried about the cost of a “Tooth Implant in Delhi”, then do consider that they are a life-long treatment solution for you. 

Any other option may be cost-effective initially but in the long run, the time and money spent will be much more than the cost of a tooth implant.

Implantologist And Maxillofacial Surgeon at The Dentist

Dr Anurag Singh has been practising Dentistry for the past 20+ years now and has done more than 10,000 surgeries related to Implant and other Reconstructive work.

He’s an MDS and a Fellow in International Congress of Oral Implantology.

He is a Visiting Consultant at Max Hospital, Saket and Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.

His area of specialization includes: 1) Dental & Maxillofacial Implants, 2) Sinus Grafts for Dental Implants, 3) Sinus Lifts for Dental Implants, 4) Advanced Implantology Procedures, 5) Zygomatic Implants for Maxillo-Facial Reconstruction, 6) Surgical Management of Maxillofacial Trauma, 7) Jaw Ablative and Reconstructive Surgery, 8) Temporomandibular Joint Surgery, 9) Orthognathic Surgery Procedures for Combined Orthodontic/Orthognathic approach and 10) Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Procedures of Cancer Patients.

He has also been Guest Speakers in many different conferences related to his field of expertise

So if you are searching online for the best “Tooth Implant in Delhi”, call to schedule your appointment with us. 

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