Am I old enough to get the best teeth whitening? Know more

It’s never too late to whiten your teeth.

Your age does not have to define the way your teeth look.

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The general thought for a lot of us is that teeth whitening is mainly for the younger generation.

Well, it may be true, since the younger generation is more on social media, the need to look good and have an attractive smile is of greater significance to them.

But, this does not mean that teeth whitening in older age are not possible.

With more and more of us becoming aware of good hygiene, the idea of having a whiter and brighter smile is something which is desired by us all.

It is a known fact that teeth darken with age. And the longer we have teeth in our mouth, the more they get stained.

With the intake of tea, coffee, red wine or curries our teeth will just get darker and they will get stained. It is disheartening to see the appearance of our teeth decline.

The one solution is teeth whitening.

And, age is not a factor for Teeth Whitening.

The Case story below clearly depicts that.



A 60yr old female came to my office for basic cleaning and polishing.

She also reluctantly expressed a desire to have whiter teeth which had become somewhat dull and darker over the years.

Apart from that, she had good oral hygiene and had very healthy teeth and gums.

But, she was not sure if she could go for teeth whitening at her age.

We educated her and explained that teeth whitening can be done at any age for a healthy person, with healthy teeth and gums. And she should not give up on the desire for a more youthful and a brighter smile.

After the cleaning and polishing were done, her tooth shade was noted as C2.

We started with the remineralization gel which was applied to her upper and lower teeth to counter any sensitivity.

Then we applied the office bleach and gave her 2 cycles of 15 min each to give her the desired brighter teeth.

After the bleaching process was over, another layer of remineralization gel was applied so that she does not encounter any sensitivity.

The tooth colour went 4 shades down from a dull and darker C2 to a whiter and brighter B2 shade.

All the instructions were given and told her to follow them for the next 48hrs.

In conclusion, the patient was extremely happy and satisfied as she now felt her teeth looked much brighter. We were able to make her smile confidently and that is what we wanted.

So if at all you are in doubt about getting teeth whitening done, don’t give up on your desire.

Do call us and schedule your appointment so that we can alleviate any concerns that you may have.

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