What is the best way to straighten your teeth without braces?

Do you not like the idea of braces on your teeth, or are you worried about whether orthodontic treatment is possible at your age?

Want to straighten your teeth without braces? Then aligners are the right option for you, whether you are an adult or a teen.

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Conventional braces were standard in older times.

In the older times, it was common to see kids and teens wearing metal braces and wires to correct the alignment of their teeth.

But, if adults wanted any teeth correction, the very idea of getting metal or even ceramic braces was a big factor in not going ahead with the treatment.

For years, metal and ceramic braces were the only way to correct your smile.

Any adult or teen wanting to straighten their teeth without wearing braces was considered unimaginable.

But this is precisely possible now with the latest technologies and techniques,

Clear Aligners are the new-age alternative to braces.

They are the virtually invisible, convenient and transparent solution for straightening teeth without wearing brackets and wires.

They are a revolutionary way to shape smiles and straighten your teeth.

Aligners are an exciting, unique and easy-to-wear solution to treat almost any kind of malalignment of your teeth.

They are made from thin, lightweight and transparent medical-grade polymer.

Aligners are customized for each patient using 3D printing technology and CAD-CAM software.

If you are a busy professional, college student, hands-on mother or even a travel enthusiast,

Aligners are what you need to correct your smile without anybody noticing.

Aligners with transparent and removable trays realign teeth to their desired position.

Since they are virtually invisible, only you know that your teeth are straightening.

The benefits of Aligners are such that their popularity is growing at an incredible rate.

Hence, more and more people are now wearing aligners instead of braces for quicker and faster teeth alignment.

Overall, The Aligners are designed to fit your lifestyle and not change or modify it.

7 reasons why Clear Aligners are better than Conventional Braces

1) Visibility

Aligners are virtually invisible, and hardly anyone notices you are wearing them. While in comparison, the metal wires and the brackets are visible in conventional braces.

2) Removable

Aligners are easy to wear and remove. You can remove them to eat and drink your favourite foods. While conventional braces can’t be removed, and food modifications are required.

3) Comfortable

Aligners are incredibly comfortable as they do not pinch or irritate your cheek and gums. Conventional braces are uncomfortable and can irritate your cheek and gums.

Braces – Old way to correct teeth alignment

2) Aligners– No metal wires or brackets

Braces – Metal or ceramic brackets with metal wires

3) Aligners– Invisible, not noticeable to anybody

Braces – Noticeable to everyone

Removable Can not be removed.

Very comfortable and does not pinch Uncomfortable and irritates your cheek and gums.

Hygenic, since you can take it out and wash it Braces can’t be removed, so hygiene maintenance is an issue.

Eat what you want, smile as much as you can and face each day confidently.