Our response to Covid-19


Taking multiple initiatives to ensure a Safe Dental Treatment at The Dentist.

Ensuring every bit to keep our patients safe from Covid-19.

The Staff & the Doctors at The Dentist are completely vaccinated. They’ve taken both the shots of Covishield.

Dear Patients,

There are no quick answers to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the nationwide vaccination drive is already under the execution stage, it would still take a while till everyone in our country is vaccinated.

Until then, to ensure Safe Dental Treatment at The Dentist, and to protect you from Covid-19 in every bit, we are taking the following precautionary measures:


1. Online Form

We have introduced an online system for preliminary interaction with all our patients.

So, whether you are a new patient to The Dentist, or if you have visited us in the past, in both cases, we are requesting every patient to follow the online link (sent via WhatsApp/E-mail/SMS).

This process helps us gather preliminary information about the treatment and the patient.

2. Self-Declaration on Covid-19

Along with the current dental problem, we are also requesting our patients to self-declare their status on any medical symptoms, their vaccination status, etc.

This process is helping us assess the medical condition of our patients, which, in turn, is helping us take necessary precautions against Covid-19.

If we observe any symptoms, we request our patients to quarantine themselves for the next 14-20 days.

Furthermore, we are requesting them to schedule their appointments after the completion of their quarantine period.

3. Scheduling limited appointments

To ensure proper sanitisation of our clinic (before and after every treatment), we schedule limited appointments in a day.

This process also helps us ensure that there is no waiting time for any of our scheduled patient.

4. Avoiding Walk-ins & treating patients only with prior appointment

To make sure that we follow every step of precaution, we are avoiding any walk-in patients.

Every treatment is being scheduled as per the prior appointment only.


1) At the Entrance of The Dentist

On the day of the treatment, right at the entrance, we are assisting all our patients with hand sanitisers, fresh face masks, disposable PPE gown/suit & shoe covers.

We are also guiding our patients with the necessary steps required during the treatment.

2) Avoid Bags, Mobile, Wristwatch & other belongings

To ensure we keep the environment Covid-19 safe, we are advising all our patients to keep their belongings at home.

We are encouraging everyone to avoid getting such belongings unless it is required.

And if it is required, we are advising everyone to keep it in their bag, separate from the operatory.

3) Avoid coming with an Attendant, unless required

Unless required, in case of an old age patient or kids, we are advising all our patients to avoid coming along with an attendant.

This is helping us keep the place with a minimal number of occupants at the time of the treatment.

4) Doctor & Assistants with safe & protective gear

The doctor at The Dentist and the Dental Assistants are wearing PPE gowns, disposable gowns, N95 masks, surgical masks, face shield / airtight goggles, shoe covers & head caps.

5) Autoclaved instruments with 5-tier sterilization

We are ensuring that every instrument is pre-autoclaved.

To keep the place safe, apart from following a 5-tier sterilization process, stringent disinfection of the operatory is followed on a daily basis.

This ensures the environment is well protected from any kind of infection.

6) Patient discharge protocols

Once the dental treatment is over, we are guiding patients with the discharge protocols – disposal of the PPE gown, shoe covers, hand wash with soap, etc.

7) Accepting card payments or online payments, preferably

To ensure minimal touch and exchange of currency, preferably we are now encouraging online payments (UPI payments via Google Pay) or taking Credit Card payments.

Your card is sanitized before handing it back to you.

If you still prefer to make the payment by cash, we are trying to ensure that the exchange of currency is only one way.

8) Limited usage of the restroom

We are advising our patients to avoid the usage of the restroom as far as possible.

However, if there’s a need to use one, we are ensuring that the restroom is neat & clean before the arrival of the patient.


1) Disinfection of the Dental Chair

The dental chair is disinfected after every treatment, i:e – the chair, head support, tray, spittoon, handles, etc.

This process is followed every day before and after any treatment.

2) Disinfection of Clinic Floors & other surfaces

To ensure that the floors are clean and safe from any kind of infection, we are following a 2 step cleaning procedure.

The clinic floors are cleaned with detergent and sodium hypochlorite with a minimum contact time of 10 minutes.

The floor is mopped every day in the morning, and also after every patient’s treatment.

The other surfaces in the clinic are disinfected with sodium hypochlorite, once every day.

3) Proper Air Circulation

After every dental treatment, the clinic doors & windows are wide-opened, exhausts are switched on, and the entire place is left open for a free inflow of fresh air and outflow of the air from the treatment.

This process is being followed for a minimum of 1/2 hour after every treatment.

4) Air purifiers with HEPA filters

Before, during and after the treatment, a high capacity air purifier with a strong HEPA filter keeps running continuously in the operatory.

This keeps the air purified and free of any possible micro and nano infection.

The air purifier’s German multi-layer filter contains layers of HEPA and specially treated activated carbon.

The antibacterial pre-filter first catches big particles like human hair and regular house dust.

The HEPA filters out ultrafine particles as small as 20 nanometers (fine dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria and viruses) while the activated carbon absorbs harmful gases (formaldehyde, toluene and TVOCs etc).

Questions, if any:

Should you have any further question, please feel free to connect with me at +91-9971711810

Thank you!

Dr. Srishti, The Dentist