Natural Tooth, even if it’s just a root Vs Dental Implant.

It is a difficult decision to make, in case you are wondering whether to get rid of the root or save it.

The natural tooth will always take precedence over a Dental Implant.

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THE DENTIST is an Advanced Dental Clinic in Defence Colony, South Delhi. The Doctors associated with The Dentist have been practising dentistry for the past 20+ years. Most of them are engaged or have been engaged in the past with recognized Hospitals in Delhi NCR. They specialize in Root Canal Treatments, Crowns & Bridges, Dental Implants, Invisible Aligners, Teeth Whitening, Dentures and other essential dental treatments. The treatments at The Dentist are led by Dr Srishti Jauhar, an expert in Root Canal Treaments, Dr Anurag Singh, an expert in Dental Implants & Dr Karan Bhalla, an expert in Dental Aligners & Braces.

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Hang on to your tooth for as long as possible.

In our practice, we always recommend saving your natural tooth.

Even if it is just a root, saving it and restoring it to function is possible.

Nothing beats your own tooth, and if you can get another few years out of it, then nothing like it.

If there is not enough healthy tooth structure left, then it can be rebuilt and saved.

Dental Implant is not always the correct option wher