Patient Reviews


A tourist from Netherlands
5 /5

I am a very happy patient

I am a very happy patient from The Netherlands. Dr. Srishti and her staff gave me some beautiful Crowns. Every time I need to get something done, I contact Dr. Srishti and she makes sure to schedule me in her busy agenda. The moment I fly over, she and her staff help me get my issues with my teeth fixed. Will keep coming back to the clinic, even though I have to fly all the way from The Netherlands to Delhi.

Cristian Jensen

An expat from US
5 /5

Great Doctor. Extremely Professional.

Great doctor. Gentle and extremely professional. Perfect English, which for me was a plus. Would definitely recommend for teeth whitening & denture.

Rina Boeddha

A tourist from Holland
5 /5

Very experienced & takes good care

Very good clinic! The dentist is very experienced and takes good care of your requirements. She takes time to explain everything that she is going to do and discuss all the options with you. Never had such a good dentist before.


An NRI from Germany
5 /5

Gave an honest opinion & sound advice


A tourist from Iran
5 /5

Iran Embassy recommended

Shubhra Prakash

A resident of Noida
5 /5

Very Happy

Got my Veeners done from here. Overall very happy with the work done.

Ashok Dewan

An NRI from Dubai
5 /5

Best Dental Experience

One of the best dental experiences I’ve ever had. Dr. Shrishti and her team handled my case with extreme professionalism, and I was absolutely comfortable undergoing a root canal treatment. The care and diligence taken to overcome my fear factor was phenomenal. From now on any dental procedures, I may require will be done only at Dr. Shristi’s clinic.

Ethne Tsai

An expat from Korea
5 /5

Strongly recommend

Dr. Srishti was very patient and detailed. She suggested treatments which are really required compared to other Dentists I’ve visited in Delhi. Would strongly recommend her!

Haroon Popal

An expat from Afghanistan
5 /5

Very happy with my Root Canal Treatment & Fillings

I am Haroon I am from Afghanistan. If you really are worried and want the best treatment in whole India then plz do not go anywhere without The Dentist. The best Dentist I have ever seen. I am very happy with my root canal treatment and fillings.

V.B.N. Ram

An elder resident of South Delhi
5 /5

Very Efficient & Professional

Myself and my wife have been under Dr.Srishti’s care for a long time, she has been very efficient and professional. We are happy to be under her care

Jess Meadows

A tourist from USA
5 /5

Highly recommend

Very fast, very clean, very nice! highly recommend

Harish Satia

A doctor from New Delhi
5 /5

Really happy with my dental treatment

I’m a doctor (MD), got root canal treatment and crowns for three of my teeth done by Dr Srishti. The work has been done very competently, and I am really happy with the results. I have been extremely impressed by her sincerity, dedication and competence. The clinic is spacious, sophisticated and well equipped. I strongly recommend Dr Srishti.

Poonam Virmani

Vice Principal at a School in Noida
5 /5

Appreciate the Precision & Thoroughness in treatment

For dental treatment, my association with Dr. Srishti goes back to almost 5 years. She is our family dentist. What is most impressive and appreciate about Dr. Srishti is her precision and thoroughness. Add to that clear and gentle explanation of the process, the issue at hand, the short-term and long-term consequences. Comfort level is high, very neat and clean clinic and amicable staff. Overall a very satisfying experience. Highly recommended.

Nicole Billitz

A tourist from USA
5 /5

Staff – Attentive & Accommodating

The staff was really attentive and accommodating, I got a dental cleaning and polishing for 2000rps. Dr Srishti was professional, quick and had the brand new equipment. Thanks again, guys!

Elahe Saleh

An expat from Iran
5 /5

Good experience with the Doctor

I had my orthodontic treatment there, I am very happy with the results. The doctor is kind and friendly and I had a good experience with her.

Lubna Shaheen

A professional from New Delhi
5 /5

Efficient & Friendly. The place is very clean.

Doc Shristi is great – efficient, friendly, and the place is very clean. Very well located in the heart of South Delhi

Stuti Jalan Sureka

A professional from New Delhi
5 /5

An amazing experience

I had an amazing experience. My root canal done previously was not done well and it was hurting and Dr Srishti handled it so well and my teeth look perfect after cleaning. Her hand is very good and am so glad I went to her.

Gurbrinder Singh

Ex-Army Officer, Noida, India
5 /5

Latest equipment used. Strongly recommend.

…The equipment in the clinic and the technology used is the latest available in the market. I have had a personal experience wherein I have got the treatment done to my teeth, from simple filling to the more complicated root canalling and dentures and there is no complaint of any kind. I do strongly recommend her to any patient,…

Lionel Dentan

A musician from France
5 /5

The best Dentist experience I had till now

…I was always afraid of dentists…. until I found “THE DENTIST”,…today, my fear of Dentists has reduced considerably,… Dr Srishti is most probably the best dentist experience i had till now,…

M S Barry

An expat from Gambia, West Africa
5 /5

They took care of my recurring problem. Several others couldn’t.

…I have been suffering with tooth-pain and gum infection for several years. I have tried several dentists before coming to India, both in my hometown Gambia and in Europe.
However, the treatment they offered was mainly symptomatic and did not address the root of the problems. The pain continued on and off. But after being treated by Dr.Srishti at ‘The Dentist’, I am now finally rid of recurring problems with pain and infection,…

Col. Rajeev Sahni

Ex-Army, New Delhi, India
5 /5

Honest & Compassionate. Referred a number of patients.

…I have seen a number of dentists, both in Army and in Civil. I was not very comfortable of visiting any Dentist but her clinic and she were very pleasant and comforting. I found her to be honest and compassionate. She listened to me, and only recommended what I really needed. And, her work was the best. I referred a number of patients to her, and they feel the same way…

Saket Prakash

Businessman, Noida, India
5 /5

Explained the whole procedure to me patiently

…I had been putting off the work of Root Canal Treatment in my tooth for a long time, as I could not stand the idea of some other hands and metal instruments invading the privacy of my mouth. It made me feel very vulnerable. Much of my fear was also related to my previous experience of root canal done elsewhere, 2 years ago.

I am grateful to you for putting me at ease by explaining the whole procedure to me patiently, which convinced me of its need for me. I was much at ease during the procedure, as you kept explaining it to me, and without my knowing it, my fear of the unknown melted away. The follow up sessions assured me of my dental health,…