Root Canal

At ‘The Dentist‘, we firmly believe in saving your natural teeth. Without compromising on the functionality aspect of a tooth or its aesthetics, various procedures that we provide at our clinic ranges from basic to advanced dental treatments. Keeping hygiene and proper sterilization in mind, every procedure conducted at our clinic is done with the critical emphasis on small details, thus ensuring that every patient of ours gets the best of dental treatments, of International standards. But, most importantly, at ‘The Dentist’, one thing that we take utmost care of, is in treating our patients ethically. Some of the dental procedures that we undertake regularly are:

Root Canal Treatment

(Single Sitting & Absolutely Painless)


It is often believed that root canal treatments inflict unbearable pain. While it is true to some extent, professional dentists can make root canal treatment feel like a breeze and not pain as what you’d have thought before. At “The Dentist”:

  • We conduct single sitting RCTs without causing any pain
  • We use top of the line endodontic instruments to ensure absolute precision in shaping and cleaning of the canal all the way to the apex
  • We ensure your tooth structure and tooth integrity remain intact so you don’t feel uncomfortable after the procedure
  • We execute the entire procedure in a jiffy. It just takes 45 minutes to an hour. No more!
  • The pain is minimum and as everything is done in one sitting, you need not worry!