Oral Care for Seniors

Special Needs, Special Attention

Your dental needs can be different from others. Your specific emotional, physical and medical conditions will mean that you have to be treated differently and with extra care. We have a policy of helping our patients get the best experience, a reason we have different types of dental experiences suited for the following people.

Oral Care for Seniors

dental care for seniors

Why should you take more care of your teeth as you age?

With age, dental problems increase. You can suffer from many diseases, including:

  • Different dental diseases, from darkened teeth to dry mouth.
  • There can be root decay and you may feel diminished sense of taste.
  • With time, there can even be tooth losses and the arrival of gum diseases.

Common symptoms

Dry mouth, for instance, a common symptom in seniors often caused by medications leading to dryness of the mouth, can cause serious teeth damage if untreated. On a similar note, gum diseases can happen due to a bad diet and or even due to other factors like smoking or stress.

Dental care and regular dental appointments are absolutely necessary, as you grow older. With regular checkups, you can take care of your teeth and know when to:

  • Have dental implants and dentures
  • Put on bridges and crowns
  • Understand the threats to your dental health

Let your doctor know the different drugs that you’re taking so that he can understand the dental treatment right for you.