Oral Care during Pregnancy

Special Needs, Special Attention

Your dental needs can be different from others. Your specific emotional, physical and medical conditions will mean that you have to be treated differently and with extra care. We have a policy of helping our patients get the best experience, a reason we have different types of dental experiences suited for the following people.

Oral Care during Pregnancy

dental care during pregnancy

How can oral care help?

Dental care during pregnancy is different. Do not forget to tell your dentist if you’re pregnant. Any dental treatments are normally avoided during the first trimester and the second half of the third semester.

Tips to Remember

During pregnancy, your doctor will take care of a number of factors while evaluating your dental treatment options, including:

  • The drugs that you are taking
  • Any hormonal changes that can cause dental problems
  • Whether to take any X-rays, as normally they’re avoided during pregnancy

The period during pregnancy may require you to carry out regular dental check-ups as there can be increased risks for periodontal diseases and pregnancy gingivitis. Your doctor will advise you on the dental care routine to follow during your pregnancy.