Oral Care & Diabetes

Special Needs, Special Attention

Your dental needs can be different from others. Your specific emotional, physical and medical conditions will mean that you have to be treated differently and with extra care. We have a policy of helping our patients get the best experience, a reason we have different types of dental experiences suited for the following people.

oral care and diabetes

Tell your doctor about Diabetes

Health conditions like diabetes can have an effect on your teeth as well. Do not forget to let your doctor know of any serious ailment that you suffer from so that he can plan a dental care treatment accordingly.

How is diabetes related?

Those with diabetes, for instance, have more problems with oral care as they have poorly controlled blood sugars. With diabetes, the white immune cells of the body aren’t strong enough, and this leads to increasing bacterial attacks, leading to more oral attacks.

Side effects of Diabetes

Some common dental problems arising due to diabetes include:

  • Dry mouth, where the mouth becomes dry
  • Gum inflammation and gum problems, including the emergence of periodontal diseases.
  • Problems because of the various antibiotics people with diabetes take
  • The lesser rate of healing of oral tissues, as blood flow is often impaired.

How can we help?

Our doctors take into account the different ailments that you’re suffering from when deciding the future course of action and coming up with a dental care treatment plan that works perfectly.