Post & Core Dentistry

Keep the root, Rebuild your tooth.

If you have a broken tooth with inadequate tooth structure, or just the root of the tooth left, then do not get it extracted. It can be saved with the right treatment.

Your broken tooth with the help of post and core treatment can function well and last for a very long time.

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Every tooth is important.

So, what do you do if you have a broken tooth or there is a loss of tooth structure?

Extract the tooth and place a dental implant or construct a fixed dental bridge!

A dental implant or a dental bridge is the best option if your tooth cannot be saved any which way and has to be extracted.

And generally, these are the options also given in case of a broken tooth or a root present.

But, both these options are at times very radical and invasive, time-consuming and elaborate.

There is a better method to save your broken tooth, which is very predictable and has a reasonable life span.

Post and Core Dentistry can rebuild your broken tooth and give it a second chance.

What is post and core dentistry?

A post and core is a type of filling done to rebuild the lost tooth structure, in order to support a crown.

It can only be done after the tooth has undergone root canal treatment.

It has two components to it:-

1) Post – Post is basically like a small rod, made up of fibre inserted into the root of the tooth after the root canal treatment is completed.

2) Core – Core is a filling which replaces the lost tooth structure. Core takes its support from the post.

Therefore, the post and core together can build up inadequate tooth structure and give further support to the crown to be placed on the tooth.

When and why would you require post and core treatment?

Post and cores are mainly used in cases where there is a loss of tooth structure.

1) If your tooth has decay which involves a large portion of your tooth, then to build the lost tooth structure after the removal of the decay.

2) Fracture of a tooth due to trauma, and thus eventually loss of adequate tooth structure.

3) Very large fillings, when break because of some reason and have to be redone.

In conclusion, post & core treatment help restore damaged teeth conditions.

We, at The Dentist, use post and core treatment to rebuild tooth structure for restoration. We complement it with crown support when tooth structure is severely damaged.

Our post and core treatments are focused on providing longevity and comfort.

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