Dental Tourism

You can put your vacation outidside your country to another good use. With dental tourism, you can seek dental care outside of your healthcare system, potentially at much lower costs. Countries like India are amazing alternatives if you’re looking for affordable dental treatment and with modern technologies available, you can save on your pocket.

Why Choose Dental Tourism?

500,000 Americans went out of the country in 2013 to seek affordable dental care. While a root canal treatment during a vacation isn’t that exciting a prospect, it sure is cost effective. A dental implant that can cost $4,000 in the U.S. can cost only $750 in India, and with growing transparency and reputable doctors, it sure isn’t difficult to find a good dentist.

Dental clinics in ‘developing countries’ offer dental care at reduced costs. With the world becoming more competitive and interdependent; material, technique and technological advances spread from one country to another rapidly ensuring that you are not left out of proper dental care.

Planning a Dental Tourism Tour

With dental costs remaining expensive, dental tourism is just the answer for people who wish to save a good amount of money on dental health care. People who cannot afford the expensive procedures can continue to suffer from dental issues.

Don’t bank on your dental insurance to pay for all costs. Dental insurance companies are failing to cover dental surgeries and treatments, and you may need to pay heavy bills for the various dental procedures.

And more, it’s budget friendly! There are several travel sites that will help you start your dental tourism travel. Packages normally include:

  • The costs of dental treatment
  • Flight costs to and fro from the country
  • Costs of living and eating – most offer 4 Star Hotels or more so that your stay is comfortable
  • Cost of sightseeing including transportation costs

In short, you’ve nothing to worry about.

And more, you’re still actually saving thousands of dollars compared to dental treatment in your home country – if it’s something that you need to do when you are undergoing dental treatment, this is it!

Making Your Way Around Delhi

If you’re looking to visit India, Delhi offers some great places that you can go to. Here is a look at a few of them.
1.The Red Fort
Undoubtedly, the one place you need to visit first if you need to experience India’s multitude of forts. Situated right in the capital, the Red Fort is where the Mughal Empire was, for over 200 years, constructed in 1648.
2.Qutab Minar
This 73 m of the high tower, was built as a victory sign by Qutab-ud-din Aibak way back in 1193. There is even a mosque at the foot of the tower and the tower is a delight to watch for its architectural beauty.
3.Chandni Chowk
You have experienced nothing till you’ve experienced the streets of Chandni Chowk. Well known for the ability to get products and stuff at extremely low costs, the streets are bustling with people all throughout and has one of the oldest markets in the country.
4.Rashtrapati Bhavan
How about paying a visit to where the President of India lives? Getting in isn’t easy and you will be subject to different questions and online bookings that can either turn out to be a yes or a no. However, the visit is sure to be an experience as the place is a delight for those who like to get a first-hand glimpse of the Presidents home.
5.India Gate
You’re really missing out if you leave India Gate from your itinerary. A tourist favourite, the Gate is a War Memorial. The memorial is dedicated to the 82,000 soldiers who fought for the undivided British Indian Army during the First World War and died.

There are really a thousand of things that you can do in and around Delhi, all while adhering to the scheduled doctor appointments.

The Benefits

The major benefits of dental tourism are discussed below.

  • Helps save money – You can save a good amount of money as some of the top dental tourism destinations boast of low labour and construction cost. Implants are done within a short period of time and cost far less.
  • Opportunity to travel – You can easily combine dental care with tourism and explore various countries while travelling for dental care. People get to enjoy a relaxing vacation and stay for long in a foreign country with their medical visa.
  • Various choices – The cost of dental care in countries like UK and USA is exceptionally high. Dental healthcare units in dental tourism destinations offer qualified doctors and latest technologies at affordable rates. This offers individuals a variety of clinics and dental units to choose from before making the final choice.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Dental tourism aims to earn money by providing customer satisfaction to all patients. You can be assured that you will receive quality care and treatment.

Your vacation can be a great one – talk to your dentist first to know the time you’ll need for the dental treatment so that you can plan your vacation accordingly. Visiting new places every day while carrying out a much needed dental treatment isn’t a bad idea after all, is it?