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As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, but think about it, how many times in our life do we actually follow this philosophy! And especially when it comes to our teeth, often we get into the mode of “its okay as of now,…will get them checked later on”. And that’s where it all starts!

dental treatmentWe at ‘The Dentist’, firmly believe in protecting & saving our natural teeth – a reason why we always encourage our patients to be as attentive about their teeth as they are about anything else that has to do with their health. Teeth are an integral part of our body & personality, and hence, regular dental visits for a routine check-up usually helps in avoiding serious dental problems in future.

Often we eat, drink or do things that in one or the other way affects our healthy teeth – like drinking coffee or smoking that stains our teeth, grinding teeth while working, sleeping or when angry which erodes our teeth gradually, eating chocolates & candies, especially in the case of kids, which leads to caries & cavities, bleeding of gums while brushing our teeth which leads to weakening of tooth, etc.

Though these are some of the common problems, they often get ignored by many of us.

The point is: We need our teeth not only to chew food and speak properly but also to have a good smile. And we need them all through our lives. So why not take care of them? Why reach a stage where we lose one of them, just because we didn’t get the time to go to the dentist! Why not get them checked, just to make sure if everything’s fine? And why not get them checked soon? Visit for a check-up when you are free sometime. You don’t lose anything if you get them checked. On the contrary, you only save your teeth,…that too for long.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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About the Doctors

Dr. Srishti J Pandey

Consultant Dental Surgeon; Endodontist

Dr. Sachin Dev Mehta

Conservative Dentistry

Dr. Sumant Goel


Dr. Beena Rani Goel

Senior Endodontist

Dr. Saurabh Jethi


Dr. Anurag Singh

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist

Dr. Pallawi Pandey

Oral Medicine

Dr. Mohit Kapoor

Community Dentistry